A Disclaimer Before You Begin Working Out

First and foremost, I am just a guy who goes to the gym periodically and writes about it online. I am not a certified personal trainer. Nor am I claiming to be one. I am not trying to pull the wool over your eyes or try to mislead you with any health or fitness information that I might write about on my blog.

All of my research about health and fitness can be found in fitness magazines, online searches, in books at the local library or by speaking with a certified personal trainer. I personally believe if you are going to conduct any heavy weight training that you consult your local general physician prior to starting a new nutritional lifestyle or exercise routine.

Again, please understand that I am not  a certified trainer, physician or doctor. The exercises, circuits, weight lifting routines and nutritional information is for entertainment and informational purposes only. I believe any self-respecting individual must give them self due diligence by discussing any new exercise or nutritional changes with their personal certified professional trainer or physician. In order to gain the most valid information about yourself and the best course of action to begin a new health routine.


A Healthy Diet Choice:  Garden Fresh Salads
A Healthy Diet Choice:
Garden Fresh Salads

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