Day One Workout Circuit


Warm Up


  1. Neck Roll side to side – holding for 20-seconds then up and down – holding for 20- seconds
  2. Shoulder Shrugs without weights (remember this is warm-up) for 15-seconds going forward then backward
  3. Trunk Twist keeping arms parallel to shoulders turn to the left side pausing for 5-seconds then twist right and pausing
  4. Ankle Rotations loosen up those ankles by rolling them on your toes for 30-seconds each
  5. Hip Rotation similar to ankles but at your waist. Bending slowly to your right side, back, left side and front hold each stop for 10-seconds
  6. High Knees raise your left leg until it is parallel to the floor at a 90-degree angle and pause for 5-seconds then switch to your right leg. Perform this 5-times
  7. Butt Kick perform this standing in place. Try to kick your butt with the heel of your shoe
  8. Brisk Walk into Jog get yourself a treadmill and take a brisk 4-minute walk until you are gradually jogging for 3-minutes

Dynamic Stretches:

  1. Jog in Place with high knees pumping your arms for 2-minutes
  2. Jog in Place with butt kick for 2-minutes
  3. Standing Leg Swing hold yourself upright on your right leg. Slowly lift your leg into a high knee position then gently swing it back into a butt kick. Switch legs and perform this for 8-reps with each leg
  4. Hip Rotation lifting your right leg into the high knee position turn it to the right opening up your pelvic area pause for 5-seconds then switch legs. Perform this for 8-reps with each leg
  5. Thigh Stretch pull your right leg off the floor and hold it against your butt for 15-seconds then repeat with left leg

Aerobic & Strength Exercise

Aerobic Exercise

  • Run 1 minute
  • Walk 3 minutes
  • Repeat 4-times

Strength Exercise

  • Push Up
  • Pull Up
  • Dips
  • Perform 2-sets of 8-reps each

Cool Down: Aerobic & Stretching

  • Cool Down should last between 8 and 15 minutes, as you want to ensure your heart rate decreases slowly
  • Cycle, elliptical, jog, row or walk for 5 to 8 minutes [use the Heart Rate (HR) monitoring system to ensure your HR decreases as you perform the exercise you chose]
  • Perform Stretches  1 to 7 above
  • Perform key stretches for the muscle groups you worked out [abdomen, arms, bicep, back, chest and forearm ]

  • The Official British Army Fitness Guide published by Guardian News and Media (c) 2008; pg 32 and pg 77
    Text (c) Guardian News and Media – Fitness Programmes (c) The British Army