Dismantle the “Chubby-Guy”

Basically, I’ve always been one of those guys who goes to the gym for 9 to 15 months, works my fat person to the bones while eating a majorly restricted diet of health foods and as soon as I “Locate the Skinny Person Within me,” I stop all progress…

I think to myself, “Aaron, it’s okay. You’ve just reduced yourself 43-pounds in 6 months. It’s okay to eat out every night. Have a sirloin, fried rice and ginger beef every three days. Tackle a pound and a half of sushi with the guys at lunch time.” AND as soon as I do this, I sky rocket adding back onto my frame all 43-pounds and then some.

My recent bout of eating healthy began after I spent a day in Jecheon City, South Korea at an Oriental Medicine Expo. While I wondered through the exhibits playing charades and speaking from a translation book with those people on the tour around me, I came upon a couple of athletic looking Koreans with a crowd of people near them. What I soon learned was if you stood on this machine it would tell you; how tall you were, your weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), age and statistical information about your body compensation. Unfortunately, I could only stare at the graphics and decipher a few of the categories. What I saw frightened me. I was fat. I was literally 45-pounds overweight. Actually someone could classify me as being obese. I could not fathom what the scale was telling me. Let along the paper in my hand. The word bounced off my belly as I refused to admit to myself… that I was grossly overweight for my size. I never thought I would associate this word with who I was.

I was an active, outgoing, outspoken guy. I loved playing sports and going to the gym. Evidently, I was not doing enough. And I was obese.

*obese |ōˈbēs| adjective grossly fat or overweight.
DERIVATIVES obesity |-sitē| noun
ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from Latin obesus ‘having eaten until fat,’ from ob- ‘away, completely’ + esus (past participle of edere ‘eat’ ).

Then I learned about another guy, where I was Teaching English who went on a strict diet because he had high cholesterol and needed to lose weight. I spoke to Andrew and he told me, he had already shed 25-pounds and was working on losing another 15-pounds in the next month. Unbelievable! I could not fathom what he was saying. But I could definitely see the results. He had slimmed down over the winter months. And I just had to learn what he did to lose the weight.

I decided right then and there, to get the diet from Andrew and stick to the plan. From May 14th to July 14th, I worked out twice a day at the gym. Consuming nearly 8-liters of water and/or green tea per day. Then eating 3-meals, 5-hours apart with their portions shrinking each day. Consisting of brown rice, vegetables, tofu and fruit. I cut out seasonings, beer, alcohol, meat, spices and more.

After 3-months of intense working out, I shed just shy of 45-pounds! Incredible. The diet and workout routine was really creating a thinner me! I was excited. And had tons of energy. I went for runs in the nearby hills, played soccer, rugby and basketball 3 nights a week and was feeling exceptional.

Then we decided to depart South Korea. And in the transition back to North America my routine fell apart. My diet changed. My workout plans changed. How I lived changed. And with this change, I slowly started putting on weight without me noticing.

Recently, in the local bookstore called Chapters, I found a couple of books for guys in my age range which looked promising. After further review of the books I put back the, 40+ Men’s Health book and instead took the Tommy Europe – The 10-Pound Shred” to the cashier. On top of this I located a book I found in a used bookstore in Seoul, South Korea called “The Official British Army Fitness Guide”.

So, once again, I have decided to dismantle the chubby-guy I have become, by getting back into the gym and eating a healthy nutritional diet. And as I replace myself with the leaner, more muscular, higher-energy guy I will continue to write up the “what I have and what I have not been doing…” in this section of my blog.

(c) 2011 Aaron J JacksonCrabb


* Definition from Oxford American Dictionaries