Plotting to Create a Unique Blog

Seriously, its a pretty simple concept.

You want to be a “blogger”?

Meaning you want to write about “something that interests you” and post it in cyber-space.

*blog |bläg| noun; a Web site on which an individual or group of users produces an ongoing narrative : Most of his work colleagues were unaware of his blog until recently.
verb ( blogged, blogging) [ intrans. ] add new material to or regularly update a blog.
DERIVATIVES blogger noun
ORIGIN a shortening of weblog.

So you finally get up the courage to Register at a blogging site like 0r Blogger or Posterous or… some other place you found interesting to begin your blogging career from.

Your next step is to Register your name, email address and a couple of other bits of information

and VIOLA! you are ready to press words into some template form and publish for others to enjoy… or disagree or comment on or “like,” dislike, talk about, share, expand on, question, absorb or a 1,000 other adjectives towards whatever it is you just published.

Good Job! Congratulations are in order…

BUT wait… you still need to think about a Theme? How will your blog look? What will its  Appearance be to those trending through the World Wide Web? And “What will ‘YOU’ as the A.U.T.H.O.R., D.E.S.I.G.N.E.R & C.R.E.A.T.O.R actually orchestrate?”

Will the people out there looking into YOU – really get you? Will they sign up to accept random solicitations of your work? What will happen? Is there a possible outcome you have not thought of yet? Are you going to be disappointed if no-one but your mom reads this garbage you have produced on the internet?

I truly do not know.

Yet I do know this… Every time you create a place on the internet you are putting a bit of faith into the idea that someone one day will read whatever you have said, and enjoy it on some level. And those who do enjoy it, might even comment to you about what it is you have said. And that my Blogging friend is pure heaven.

Take the good with the bad. Use every bit of criticism whether good, bad or dysfunctional to your advantage. Be practical. Making a blog is hard work. It takes time. And effort. And time. And changes, to make the thing you are creating turn out how you want it to be.

Do not get discouraged.

Put your best foot forward. And learn from all your mistakes. And all those successes. Because eventually… your Theme will only matter to you. The appearance is what you make of it. Whether its visual posters of the 1980’s hair bands, or the time you and your friends ran a marathon along the Pacific Coast Highway or whatever you decided to write upon.

Be relentless in your pursuits of creating a better lOOking blog page.

Take on the challenge of getting to know those people willing to read what you write!

Engage… I tell yea. Engage with anyone willing to listen to your rants and raves.

Ask them questions.

And always… Always… admit when you have screwed up.

But until that time, when you have screwed up… just take the bumps with a grain of salt.

And WELCOME to BLOGGING… eventually it will all be truly worth the efforts you put into plotting to create a unique blog.

Pen, Paper & Thoughts
(c) 2011 Aaron J JacksonCrabb


* Definition from Oxford American Dictionaries


  1. Thanks! I’m new…and having fun trying this all out. Half of the fun is in the journey, right? 🙂

  2. Yes, Sarah… the fun begins with an idea and ends with an adventurous journey!

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