It’s Green and Easy to Use – – The Curve

Go Home Already…” said my boss, as he walked over to my desk. “I am. I am”… “Sure you are. That’s why your computer is still on! It’s been a long day, now get out of here.” he spat at my back while heading for the door. The two of us had been at it since 7am. Month end. It always keeps you later than you expect. As I shut-down the computer for the evening, my car spurring to life in the -15C (5F) snowing weather. Just your average spring day in Edmonton, Alberta Canada after all.

Jumping up, grabbing my gym bag, a quick change of clothes and out the door I went. Six minutes later, I sped off down the parking lot in my car turning out onto the highway and pressing the “go-buddy-go” pedal to the floor. Snow drifts swishing past my windscreen as the snow drifts piled up in the ditches beside me. Thankfully traffic was nearly gone as I drove thirty-three minutes down to Snap Fitness.

Today,  is Day Two of a four-week aerobic fitness start-up program in a recently purchased book; The Official British Army Fitness Guide. My entire body, felt stiff as I stretched out the tensions in my computer drained body. Smiling, I happily marked off the Workout Journal5-minutes of warm up stretching and I hopped onto the nearest empty treadmill starting off on a brisk 3-minute walk and then into a 4-minute jog.


Soon enough, I reached 7-minutes, hopping off the treadmill for a sprint to the water cooler. Half a cup of lukewarm water and back towards the treadmill… that’s when I realized… someone “stole” my friggin’ spot! Damn it. I looked at the ellipticals. A machine I despised. I decided to stretch and hope someone got off the treadmill. And that didn’t happen. So, I moved towards the ellipticals when I spotted in the corner a uniquely shaped treadmill called “The Curve.” Not sure what “the curve” was all about? I edged closer until I could read a very large sentence emblazoned next to the one button on the machine;

 “Burn Up to 30% More Calories.”

Impressed by this statement and wanting to run some more, I stepped onto “the curve” and read the very brief text on how-to use “the curve”. It was flawlessly simple. Step onto the middle of the belt and begin walking down the centre. Move forward on the tread to pick up speed and move backward to slow it down. At any time if you feel out of control use the handrails or step off the tread onto the side rails. Be sure to keep your head upright, your chest forward and your legs moving. If you feel the belt is moving too quickly, just slide backward a few inches and the tread will slow down for you.

Instantly, I thought, ‘I am about to be a gerbil”, and I started moving on the tread. At first, it responded very quickly to my steps up the front slope. I moved backwards, and tried jogging into it. It’s paced quickened and I found myself in a full out sprint! Stepping off onto the side rails, I noticed the older guy next to me, smiling. I removed my ear bud, That’s an interesting machine, isn’t it?” “It sure is. I feel like a gerbil. And man, is it making me sweat! from fear of falling on my face and the energy its taking me to jog on it. I can see how it burns 30% more calories, too.” Then we both went back to our workouts.


After another 5-minutes of The Curve, I had built up a really good sweat and decided to continue onward. 10-minutes later and I was walking at a brisk pace covered in a t-shirt dripping with sweat! The digital readout amazed me stating 183 calories had been burned off. I pressed onward recalling my totals from the two previous days work outs. By the twentieth minute the sweat ran down my face, across my chest and everywhere else the sweat could cling to.

As I wiped down the curve, I smiled proud of myself for two reasons; 1. I didn’t let the machine win by shooting me off the back while I had to run flat out. And 2. This treadmill burnt more calories in a single twenty-minute session, then the 2-previous days on the regular treadmill. And best of all, I had found a new gym machine which no one else was using and I could benefit from. It is called The Curve.
The Curve

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The Curve “I Break All The Rules” image courtesy of Woodway USA, Inc.

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