Healthy Eating

The ultimate concession is getting yourself situated in a mind set where you understand that Nutrition plays as BIG a part as getting yourself to the gym. You need to learn to build a routine based both around the gym and around what you are putting into your body.

There are 1,000 or more different dietary plans out in the world. Whether you are interested in consuming just meat, only vegetables, going gluten free or some other nutritional plan, you need to be aware there are always side-effects.

Remember: for every action there is a re-action.

This is readily true when you begin consuming foods. For every type of food you consume (action); Cholesterol, Fat, Saturated Fat, Fibre, Protein, Sodium, Iron, Vitamin, Mineral, and so on. There will be a chemical reaction within your body. And with this reaction you will learn how your body deals with certain products.

So, what is it that I am trying to say to you?

Its simple. Crash diets will never work because once you get off the “crash diet” you will go back to regular eating. Remember its a habit. Meaning your brain and body are already addicted to this routine. And when you finally come off your “crash nutritional” routine, your brain and body will automatically want to return to specific situations already implanted upon you. This is the addictive process. Just like people who have addiction to alcohol, drugs or even sports.

habit |ˈhabit| noun 1 a settled or regular tendency or practice, esp. one that is hard to give up : this can develop into a bad habit | we stayed together out of habit.
• informal an addictive practice, esp. one of taking drugs : a cocaine habit.
• Psychology an automatic reaction to a specific situation.
• general shape or mode of growth, esp. of a plant or a mineral : a shrub of spreading habit.

What you want to do is wane yourself off the diet you were on and find a healthier option so you do not return to your bad eating habits.

One way to change your habits is to implement a new routine. On average many professionals have determined it takes a person approximately 28-days to fully change a single habit into a routine. It should go without saying but the more determined you are to achieve this change in your habits, the more likely you are to succeed.


routine |roōˈtēn| noun a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program : I settled down into a routine of work and sleep | as a matter of routine a report will be sent to the director.
• a set sequence in a performance such as a dance or comedy act : he was trying to persuade her to have a tap routine in the play.
• Computing a sequence of instructions for performing a task that forms a program or a distinct part of one.

Success in following a new healthy eating routine begins from the first day you set yourself up for the challenge. And it all begins with Day One! From this moment onward you must be determined, strong minded and build willpower over the things your body will crave.

Be focused by setting yourself daily and weekly eating goals. Take photographs of meals you thoroughly enjoyed and try eating them several times a week. Build yourself a list of recipes you enjoy eating or ones you might want to try cooking for yourself at home. Grab yourself a partner in the journey along the roads to a healthier eating lifestyle. Whatever path you choose to take yourself on during your new healthy eating routine… it will pay off as long as you stay focused to the plans you have laid out, cooperate and compromise with yourself when you feel like binge eating or eating out of the house. Because eventually your new healthy eating lifestyle will consume you too. And you will succeed at your healthy eating goals.


Roasted Vegetable Pannini with House Salad and Watermelon
Roasted Vegetable Pannini with House Salad and Watermelon

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