On Your Journey Be an Ambassador

In every journey there are decisions to be made that affect how you travel across the landscape in front of you. Every moment you are on your path to wherever you are going the Earth will test your abilities, skills and resolve.
Your only enemy is yourself. Be open minded to everything that happens. Keep a clear head and be strong. Look to the locals to help you when it gets tough. Be compassionate towards yourself. And understand life will always throw you challenges when you do not expect them.

Road JourneyOn the Road (c) Aaron J JacksonCrabb 2012

While you are on your journey be an ambassador of your home country. Be generous with your knowledge of who you are and where you come from.  Bring a few small souvenirs, you can and will give away to the locals who help you out, treat you lovely, invite you into their homes for a meal and come to your aid or rescue throughout your adventure. Be gracious and thankful for everything your adventure delivers to you.

The most important element of any journey is you enjoy your adventure. Whether you are dealing with pleasure and pure enjoyment or working through desperation and sadness. Every moment counts once you are an ambassador on the road of your adventure.

Countryside Alberta Countryside (c) Aaron J JacksonCrabb 2012