New Year’s Eve Antics

Hunkered down in the front seat she sat looking out the passenger window examining the frosted poplar trees and his crisp breath. Her ugly sweater peaked out from inside her winter jacket. Quietly she rolled down her window. Pausing she held her own breathe, as she watched him tear apart a piece of cardboard.

Thereupon he fell to his knees placing the larger piece beneath him as he began clearing away snow around the tire. “Just how stuck are we?” she whispered. His only response was he kept digging out the snow buried tire.

What he knew, which she did not, was the prior conversation with Pirate Steve about just “how deep” his snowed in driveway was. Also she did not know the two men had joked about getting stuck in the snow like the Semi Trailer in front of their workplace earlier that day.

Bent over behind the second tire he continued pulling the soft wet snow from beneath his vehicle when the familiar voice of Pirate Steve broke the silence. “How long have you been down here?” “Just a few minutes.” “You just had to try, didn’t you?”

Unresponsive he kept at the tires with the cardboard. “Why don’t we try to push it out?” “Sure. Its worth a shot.” But he knew it would take more than a gentle push. The two men separated. The wife departing out the passenger door to help push from the trunk. Slowly the tires peeled into the cardboard grasping onto nothing and slowly sinking downward. “Yep. You sure are stuck,” said Pirate Steve. “I’ll go get the snow thrower and we’ll have you out in no-time.” “Hey. Do you have a shovel, too?” “Sure.”

While Pirate Steve went off to locate the equipment, the man dropped beneath his car again. Kneeling on a piece of cardboard while digging away with a smaller piece at the snow. It was arduous work but it felt good to be outside working.

Soon Pirate Steve arrived with a small spade and a winter shovel. His snow thrower disturbing the quaintness of night as its 12-horsepower engine chugged down fuel and spat exhaust fumes into the air. Quickly the machine got to work tossing aside the 16-inches of snow surrounding the vehicle. As Pirate Steve cleared out the snow around the vehicle his friend continued clearing beneath the wheels and car. This time it went much smoother with the small spade in hand. His wife snapping photographs of the two men as they dug about the car.

Ten minutes later the two men gathered to see their progress. “Should we give it a shot?” came the voice of reason. “Sure, I’ll just add these cardboards beneath the tires for a bit of traction.” Hopping in the car everyone moved back. Engaging the clutch and putting the car into first gear. Releasing the clutch while slowly pressing the gas the 4-cylinder engine came to life. Its tires grasping at the cardboard. Nothing! Shifting into reverse, another quick nudge of the gas pedal. Nothing! Shift into first, gas, Nothing! “Damn it!” he smiled.

Straightening the wheels the others jumped behind the vehicle. Slowly they rocked the car as he engaged the gas pedal this time the extra helped worked. The car jumped forward slightly. Then a little more. Then a lot more. Stopping. He put the car into reverse. Backwards 2-feet. Forwards 2-feet. Backwards right 2-feet. Forwards left 2-feet. Until the car was parallel with the driveway once again.

Placing the car into reverse the friend slowly backed down the driveway up onto the cleared country roadway. Happily Pirate Steve walked his snow thrower back up the long snowed in driveway whistling to himself beneath the star filled sky. Pausing he said to his wife, “See. That didn’t take long at all. I’m just going to help him put his tools away.”