How Do You Kick Start Your Morning Coffee?

Here’s the thing, everyone makes their coffee in a unique way. For instance, my wife precisely measures out each “heaping” scoop of medium blend Columbian coffee dumping it into the drip coffee maker’s white paper pouch and smoothing it out to an even consistency so that when the water drips through the machine onto the ground up coffee that there is an even chance that all particles of ground coffee is processed into a fine cup of coffee.

Over at my sister-in-law’s place they don’t mess around. They have a full on espresso bar with steamer for your milk. My mother is always ranting whenever she visits their home because they have “those fancy coffees like you get at Starbucks. And I don’t like those fancy coffee’s from the coffee shops. I just want my drip coffee.” So, to prevent this from ever happening again, my brother bought a personal sized drip coffee pot and they only bring it out when my mother is coming for a visit. So, in the morning time you can have an espresso, cappuccino, latte, mochaccino, or any other combination of lovely espresso’d drink you can think of. You can, which I will gladly show them upon my next visit, now have a “Canadiano” which we learnt while driving through Sicamous, British Columbia a few months back. It’s pretty much an Americano, except instead of pouring hot water over your espresso, you pour whatever kind of roasted drip coffee you want! And it’s a friggin’ awesome beverage if you like EXTRA Strength Coffee to go!

Then there is my dad. Back in the days when we would pack ourselves up tight in the Volvo GL strapping and packing all our winter skiing gear to the car for a weekend gaunt up into the Colorado Rocky Mountains, usually heading for Copper Mountain Ski Resort. I learnt many things from my father, how to drive, what not to say to women, why you shouldn’t own a house, when a good time to pee outside is, and of course – how to make the perfect cup of java in the morning. Like myself, my father didn’t wake up early with a spring in his step. He needed that extra KICKSTART to PUNCH his daily timecard. So, after all the earlier risers were up and had already fixed themselves a pot or maybe two of the dripped out coffee machine, my dad would stumble over the the counter top, open up the coffee machine, add a couple heaping scoops of ground up coffee, dark roast – medium roast – light roast he just didn’t care and pile it on top of the grounds already inside the machine. Then he’d fill it to the brim with water. He’d literally overfill the pot until the water dripped over the sides. And press the magic button.

Presto! A few minutes later the world’s strongest morning cup of coffee appeared in front of him with a pinch of sugar and a teaspoon of milk. He’d power back two or three cups, add a couple pieces of all white toast slathered with strawberry jelly possibly suck back an egg or three and put on his ski gear in smiles from ear lobe to ear lobe.

And today, I continue to use this tried and true method of making coffee out of a drip pot. Although, it seems that I am the only one who is nostalgic about this memory of our dad. But one day, when the winds are howling, the snow is blowing and your preparing for a day on the slopes, you may recall this KICKSTART to PUNCH your daily timecard method and try it out. Then you’ll have to report back to me, to let me know how you liked having that extra caffeine explosion in your stomach first thing in the morning!