The Return of a New Year

Nearly three-hundred and sixty-five days ago, I sat on my couch, as I am doing right this very moment trying to decode how the previous year went. Did I meet my expectations? Did I accomplish my goals? Did I linger too long on one objective and forget another? Reviewing the previous year is always a challenge for me. As the year never really goes as planned. But in the end, there is always a sense of accomplishment. Or that need for a New Year to begin!

That is how I felt at the end of 2014. That the year was finally over. That I would be refreshed and ready to take on the world once again. Then I got sick on Christmas Day! And the end of 2014 felt like the beginning. A cycle. A cycle fit for starting over. Starting over, like I have a 100 times before this day. January first twenty-fifteen…

My eyes are wide-open to the possibilities of the upcoming year. My list although short is concise, to the point and will be steadfast by me. I have tossed out complexities of the years before. I have set aside describing to a “t” and dotting all those “i’s”. No no, this year, my plan is to be simplified. No more grandiose ideas. No more throw caution to the wind. Just set a strong social front on the objectives for the year coming up.


  • Be – Active – Daily


  • Invest – Diversify – Financial Planner


  • GO – BE – An Explorer


  • Achieve – Educate – Participate


  • Skype – Email – Snail Mail


  • Conversations – Laugh – Live

There, short sweet and simple. Straight to the point. Health – Finance – Travel – Career – Family & Friends…

Now where did I put my pencil and pad of paper…? It’s time to start handwriting that first “snail mail” letter to a friend off living the life of a true traveller on that distant road of life.

Happy New Year 2015!