In Rings a New Year 2016

The days of large house parties, tons of random strangers, glasses full of bubbly and half-naked party goers has come and gone for this guy. Over the last 8-years, those glamorous NYE parties, challenges of meeting up with everyone; on one night and the undetermined location of sleep? Has eradicated itself from my life. These days, I spend my New Years Eve’s reflecting on the year gone by, reading through my journal, sipping on a cup of coffee, admiring what might come out of the year coming up and drafting aspirations for what I believe will happen over the next 365-days.

So, how did this “old man” spend his final hours of 2015?

  1. Hung out with my beautiful wife discussing plans for road trips this summer
  2. Walked around town; stopped at the pharmacy and the hardware store
  3. Purchased a lottery ticket, it only takes 1-set of numbers to WIN!
  4. Cleaned up the condo
  5. Drove to the outdoor skating rink, met up with friends and ice skated
  6. Drove home, to watch the gorgeous orange harvest half-moon rise
  7. Watched fireworks of the local towns from our balcony
  8. Toasted in the New Year while drinking non-alcoholic fruit spritzer
  9. Gazed upon the dancing blue-green lights of Aurora Borealis
  10. Finished watching the movie; Italian Job
  11. And went to sleep by 1:30am

Good Night 2015 and Hello 2016!

800px-Auroraborealis_yukonNorthern Lights of Alberta



  1. thegreyeye says:

    Great new year eve… Really liked what you did

  2. @thegreyeye, thanks for the comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the read.

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