Luggage and the 12-hours before Departure

In 12-hours, the car will be packed with carry-on luggage consisting of one backpack, one 19luggage-inch roller and a small messenger bag. If you actually saw these items, sitting together in the airport then you might just imagine all of this luggage belongs to a single traveller embarking on a vacation or a business trip. Of course, in this photo right over here >>>> there is something in the photo that might just give away, how many people belong to this luggage. Can you figure it out?

If you guessed two, then you were correct! And if you figured out that this luggage belonged to two travellers, then you probably determined these people to be travelling close to home or for a short trip not too far away? Maybe they are headed a few hundred kilometres from home? Maybe they are driving over to the in-laws house for Easter long weekend? Or taking a weekend trip to Calgary, Alberta Canada? However, would you think this couple might be traveling Internationally? Say a distance of over 3,000 kilometres? Maybe something like Edmonton Alberta Canada to Dublin Ireland?

If you guessed “yes”, then you were correct! Next you might be wondering, well just how long are these two people going on holiday for? 3-days? 5-days? 7-days? 14-days? 21-days? No. No, way they are going to be away that long? And if you guessed “7-days” then, you were correct!

Except, I can see it. Your brain is running wild right now and you are thinking to yourself, “how can this be true?” This chart right here, tells the truth. People stick to the charts! And get their bag checked in at the counter, especially when travelling internationally!

How many days will you travel?
How many days will you trave

And you are correct. 75% of the travellers out there, will stick to this chart, right here. They are afraid to pack less. They are afraid to think “less is more”! And they are afraid to go “outside the norm”. Because well, media has drilled into you, to “conform” and “follow the crowd” and “don’t stand out while travelling”. The issue is, that EVERYONE sticks out when they are travelling. So, the best thing to do, is be less nervous, act yourself, drink plenty of water, get a good nights sleep, be a pleasant person while in the airport, dealing with people in their work place, ask questions, be polite, be an extraordinary traveller, show up early, check-in early, smile at everyone, be helpful to all who come in your path. After all you are travelling. You spent good money to be here. And you are on your way someplace GRANDIOSE!

There is genuinely a good point to traveling with a smaller, more compact, “less is more” attitude when you are about to embark on a journey. And the good point is, “You need to destress from the way life currently is. You owe it to yourself to search out the beauty in ordinary things and find your own smile, as you stride through the beautiful day, because after all you are not at work… you are on a holiday!”