Really… It is November!

Okay… so I have been slacking off during the summer months, collecting my thoughts, getting geared up, going into the mountains, traveling about the countryside, sharing my ideas with anyone and looking for the next Road Trip, in my schedule. What I failed to do is write in this blog.

What I can tell you, is “winter” is finally upon us here in the Great Plains of Alberta, which means I will have plenty of time to go through all of the photographs which have been taken, sort through the copious amounts of details, research the few items, which probably have failed to still be lingering around in the old cranium and spill these things out onto this nice looking forgotten blog.

Oh yea! And Ireland.

Oh yea! And Vancouver.

Oh yea! And Victoria.

Oh man… there sure is a lot to write about. Road trips to see the Grandparents in Osoyoos, after spending 10-days with my moms for her 70th birthday week! And the 8-driving filled, fun filled, 1700 kilometres of driving through the Southern half of Ireland. And then there are all of those Camping trips and Outdoor hikes into the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Along with the idea to begin a “Vlog” although, I am still trying to understand the video-taking, then video-editing, then video-publishing side of this idea. It’ll come together soon.

And did I talk to you about the Shaw Charity Classic Golf Tournament, which I exposed my wife too! So, she now REALLY LIKES Golf Events! Oh man… and there is the wine tasting, 124 festivals we tried to attend this past summer AND if that wasn’t enough, the kayak trip, the climb to Spray Lakes or was it Maligne Lake? And Miette Hot Springs, the dip at the Beaver Boardwalk or the splashing sounds of our airplane… wait, was that on an airplane? Anyways… there is a lot to talk about and thankfully the bitter cold months have arrived. Get ready, get set, and soon there will be plenty more to read here.