Food Prep, It’s a Sunday Afternoon Thing

It’s 1:22pm on Sunday afternoon, I sit here typing into the blog when I hear, “Hey James, what would you like to eat for lunch this week?” my wife asks. She’s all dolled up in her Brazilian cooking apron, she’s getting ready to read recipes, plan the weekly food schedule, prep the veggies, tofu and spices then cook away in the kitchen. It’s become a regular culinary adventure in our condo the past 3-months. It makes her extremely happy, getting her fingers dirty, learning to chop, dice, shred, mince, dollop, dash, pinch, touch, taste her new creations. Sometimes she follows the recipe verbatim and those always come out fantastically. Other times she reads the recipe and decides “screw it! I’m doing my own thing” 50% of the time it works out for her and the other 50% she has to toss the entire thing into the garbage. The ones she tosses are the ones she learns the most from. The others she just adds to the list of good recipes to try out on others than myself.

It’s going to be noisy for a minute,” she shouts over her shoulder and presses the power button on the blender, its blades spiral around cutting through the vegetables stuffed into the jar. The noise stops. She opens it. Eyes the colour. Smells the open container. Dips a finger in and takes a lick. Ponders over the flavours and decides what is missing? She dashes in some salt, adds a bit of garlic and a touch of lemon juice. The blender goes again for 15 seconds. She reopens the jar and walks over to me. “Can you try this. Is it missing something? Maybe salt? or…” She’s looking for the answers. An untrained apprentice in a kitchen. I dip my finger into the pinkish-orange ooze which kind of looks like a lighter version of 1000 Island salad dressing and stick it in for a taste. “Not bad. It needs a little something. What are your flavouring ingredients?” She smiles, “garlic, lemon juice, black pepper, sea salt, dijon mustard.” I think a couple of minutes. “Add a pinch of sea salt, a dash of dijon and a hint of black pepper, blend it for another 30 seconds and taste.” Back to the blender. She adds a touch of sea salt, a splash of lemon juice, grabs the red wine vinegar tips in a half-teaspoon and places the jar on the blender. The blades spin, the cupboards rattle, the mixture is mingling together until she releases the pulse button. Unscrews the jar, dips a finger in, tastes it and smiles. I happen to be standing next to her, “what do you think?” she’s still smiling. Finger goes into jar, up and into mouth, onto tongue, taste, think and reply, “Yep, that is a good mix. Added something different though. What is it?” Well, she says, Red wine vinegar.”


Every weekend its an experimental kitchen in our home as my lovely wife learns how-to prepare Celiac friendly, Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan dishes. Her inspiration comes from several sources the internet, blogs, magazines and cookbooks. Here’s a list of sources where the last two weekends of meal prep came from;