Go to the Gym and Get some EXERCISE!

About two months ago, I saw the doctor. His advice, “Go to the gym and get some exercise.” Well that’s pretty easy, since I am a member of the YMCA of Northern Alberta. Then thing is, is I have been irregularly going to the gym for about 2-years now. I go and play floor hockey, shoot some hoops, take a drop-in course, shoot some hoops, touch a couple of weights, walk/jog/walk the track and meet up with friends. What I have not been doing is really “exercising” and by this I mean making it a daily routine, writing up a weekly fitness plan and sticking to it. Part of this is sheer laziness which has grown on me since coming back from South Korea. In South Korea my work was 1pm to 9pm. I would wake up, eat a quick breakfast, hit the gym for up to a couple of hours, drink plenty of water, eat lunch and go to work. After work I would eat dinner, grab my gym gear and go play drop-in sports; soccer, basketball or rugby.

Fast forward to present day and I have been on a regular “on again, off again” workout routine. Then my significant other was passively talked into becoming a fitness instructor at the YMCA by some colleagues. She’s now learning to teach a course called Group Fight. As I know the doctor wants me to get into shape and the wife is doing this course thing, I decided to jump on the band wagon. Well, no stretching a bit of a warm-up and viola! pulled a groin and hip muscle.

Now I am rehabbing my right hip, knee and ankle while she jumps around in the living room. This is when I decided to start doing some research about how I should actually warm up before a routine. The Group Fight warm-up is great, for what I would call “already fit people” and not “slightly overweight or definitely overweight people.” I fit into these categories myself and I’m over 40. Not a great combination. It’s AWESOME exercise, a great routine, if you can survive it and I am certain with all this exercise it will take off quickly.

A colleague of mine, her fiancé is a fitness guru and has a local website called Your Fitness Corner. On his website I located articles for newbies and started reading. Then I came across “Best Exercises for Newbies” which says, “In this article I’m going to give you the 4 best exercises that you can do to build a balanced, strong and muscular body.” 

  1. Barbell Deadlift
  2. Front Barbell Squat
  3. Bench Press
  4. Chin-up/Pull-up

Deadlifts are great for stimulating the back muscles, abdominals, legs, forearms, shoulders, and traps.

Front squats are a fantastic exercise to help you build a thick lower body, develop a strong posture, and strengthen your core.

The bench press is very effective in stimulating the chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Chinups/pullups are great for biceps, lats and rear delts (shoulders) development.

If you are like me, some of this sounds fairly simple, bench press, yep, understand how-to do that. However do you know how-to do it correctly without hurting yourself? Maybe. Well, that’s why I took some time and looked up some workout videos on YouTube for you. Check out below for some videos on the “do’s and do not’s” to assist you with your new training regime at the gym.

Deadlifts – 5 Most Common Deadlift Mistakes 

How to Perform the Deadlift – Proper Technique and Form 

How to Perform the Front Squat 


How to Perform Bench Press – Tutorial & Proper Form 

How to Perform Pull Ups – Proper Pull-up Exercise Tutorial 


As per Your Fitness Corner, ‘The reason why these exercises are so effective in building strength and size to the body, is that they are heavy exercises that utilize many muscle fibers to perform the action, and they’re intense enough, that the body is forced to produce more testosterone. Not only that, these exercises resemble basic movements and actions. Pulling yourself up to a bar, lifting something off of the ground, and pushing something with your arms. These are all natural body movements that everyone is comfortable with doing and knows how to do.’

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