The Flying Canoe Volant

It’s the firsr year I’ll be attending the Flying Canoe Volant festival in Mill Creek Ravine near Rutherford School. 

I am willing to meet the public and face the people to see what this festival is all about? 

At the moment I know three things 

  1. Its about the mixing of 3 cultures
  2. Metis, French Canadian and First Nations
  3. Its in a ravine filled with lamps, lights, teepees, singing and activities 

My expectations are very few, other than to embrace the unknown, take photographs and survive the -15C temperatures. I’ve preplanned my arival by drinking hot chocolate with espresso, putting on my long underwear and snowboard pants. I’m prepared for the event. 

Start time is in 30 minutes: 6pm to Midnight. I’m hoping to last up to 2 hours with my cold in the cold air. 

Afterwards I’ll prepare a retrospective including photographs. 

Until then… carry on Friday night.