Top 10 Things to Bring on an Airplane

This is not really easy to talk about as its still kind of a sore subject between my significant other and myself. Last year we decided to pass on a trip to Cuba and instead took an 8-day self-guided Fly & Drive Ireland trip. The trip itself was AWESOME! And we both highly recommend going to Ireland. However the reason I am bringing up this trip is that as a couple we have never traveled internationally together via airplane for more than 3-hours. That’s right folks. Actually, I personally have flown across the Pacific Ocean 9-different times. We are talking up to 17-hours of air travel. Needless to say, the two of us learned a tremendous amount about ourselves and each other. Which is why I am writing about the Top 10 Things to Bring on an Airplane.

  • 10. Eye pillow with head band
  • 9. Medicine [Heart pills, Tylenol, Allergy meds, Cough suppressants, etc]
  • 8. Change of underwear / socks
  • 7. Deodorant / Cologne / Perfume
  • 6. Toothbrush & paste
  • 5. Ear plugs
  • 4. Granola bars / snack foods
  • 3. Water bottle
  • 2. Book
  • 1. Tablet

Why, are these the TOP 10 Things to Bring on an Airplane? Well its simple.

  1. If your happy in-flight seat roomie, is the kind of person who cannot shut off their light and allow you to get a little shut-eye, well you are going to need a way to dim the lights and an Eye Pillow with head band is the thing to assist you in counting those sheep.

  2. Just incase things happen on the plane, and you need your medications. Whether it be the noisy kid 3-rows back giving you a headache, the woman behind you nudging your seat, your daily samples of Family Doctor prescribed pharmaceuticals for your heart, back, neck and liver or just simply you have a cold and need a pill to suppress whatever you have from others on the plane, bring those medicinal needs from your meds cabinet at home.

  3. This one is optional… sometimes… and all depends on how long the flight really is? Or if you changed clothes in-between flights? Or if you woke up in a hotel room only to realize you are about to miss your plane. It’s just nice to have on a clean pair of anything.

  4. These are the small things that make you feel “refreshed & ready to face the day“, even if, you haven’t taken a shower in the last 24-hours due to multiple connections.

  5. Everyone knows what “morning breath is” and well, quite frankly, after your 30-minute cat nap or 7-hour slumber on the plane, you need to rescue your mouth and go brush your teeth, tongue and the roof (just to be on the safe side of hygiene 🙂

5. See items 9 & 10, and you’ll realize that drugs and eye pillows are not the only weapons of sleep-happiness. And always go with the highest rated pair of Ear Plugs that your money can buy — not at the Airport. Go to your local hardware shop. They know ear plugs!

  1. Granola bars (or some other satisfying morsel: piece of fruit, mixed nuts, veggie chips, dried fruit, etc) anything that fits in your carry on. Something big enough to satisfy your hunger. At least the same size as the “snack size items” the Airline will charge you $15.00 to enjoy.

  2. The nice Stewardesses and Stewards will always sell you MORE, to help them make more money off you. So, turn the tables. Bring a water bottle on board. Something like a Nalgene bottle and be sure its empty going through security, they really don’t like liquids, I know from experience… And those nice Stewardesses and Stewards will always fill you up, if you present them with your Nalgene bottle. Hydration is key at 35,000-feet.

  3. Entertainment… is the holy grail of in flight services. Read a book. Be sure to stop by the Magazine Rack or Bookstore when lounging in the Airport before your departure. A book or magazine or newspaper, allows you to stay entertained for a few hours, without having to be connected to your laptop, ear phones, cellphone or other technological device. You will have time for this later. Especially on reeeeaaaaallllyyyy long flights!

  4. Tablet. Not the kind you put in your mouth. See item 9. The kind that # 2, tells you to turn off. As it turns out, Airplanes can now be “Wi Fi” enabled “Hotspots”. Who knew!? And now, to watch all those in-flight movies, TV shows and games to play, you will need Technology. Of course, the Airline is okay with you forgetting yours at home, because they will simply rent you an iPad for $10, for the duration of your flight.


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