15-days of Reuniting with Gym

Yep, you read that title correctly. I have just spent the last 15-days getting reacquainted with the place where people go to work off fat, build a healthy heart, increase muscle tone and definition. My life at the gym looks like a rollercoaster ride in any theme park across the country. There are the low times when I am nowhere near a gym and the long struggles up the hills getting back into healthy fit shape for my body and success at last then the slow or sometimes quick drops back down into those lulling periods. I have done this since my first day stepping into a gym at age 15, when my Golf Coach encouraged that I “work out at least 5-times a week, to build the necessary muscles and strengthen my body for the rigor of a sports life.” I should have listened all those years ago.

Needless to say I am on the uphill climb once again. I have reunited with gym, I am looking for the losing fat, building muscle, toning up in my early 40’s. It is a log road ahead to achieve the goals I have in mind. This time, I want to change my mind set. I want to get in shape. And I want to maintain that fitness level. This time around, I have employed a personal trainer and fitness/life coach. This time, I am looking for the “real deal”. None of this glass half full kind of attitude.

How did I do it?

I set a weekly goal. Something simple. Something anyone can do.

  1. Week one: Go to the gym after work  for minimum 30 minutes
  2. Week two: Go to the gym after work  for minimum 45 minutes
  3. Week three: Go to the gym after work  for minimum 60 minutes

Week One: What to do at the Gym?

  1. Go into the gym. Swipe membership card.
  2. Go into locker room. Change into workout clothes
  3. Go upstairs to the track
  4. Walk the track for a minimum of 30 minutes, if slow walking is too easy then increase speed

Week Two: What to do at the Gym?

  1. Warm up: Walk the track for 10 minutes, stretch for 5 minutes
  2. Work out: Push, Pull, Bend, Squat
  3. Bench press, Lat pulls, Bent over rows, Body weight squats 3-to-4 sets each
  4. Cool down: Walk the track for 10 minutes, stretch for 5 minutes

Week Three: What to do at the Gym?

  1. Warm up: Walk 5-minutes, Ride bicycle 5-minutes, Row 5-minutes, Stretch 5-minutes
  2. Work out: TRX Machine: Body weight pulls, Lat pulls, Bench press, Lunges, Triceps, Abs
  3. Cool down: Walk track 10-minutes, stretch 10-minutes, foam roller 5-minutes

Session 1: Meet up with the Trainer

  1. Tip # 1: be punctual. Show up before your scheduled time. Be changed and Ready to go.
  2. Tip # 2: Be honest with your fitness history and goals
  3. Tip # 3: Be nice and sociable with your new trainer
  4. Tip # 4: Pay attention to the trainer. He/she will impart valuable knowledge onto you

Home Gym Equipment

  1. Purchase something to assist you with working out at home (in case “life happens” and you miss a gym session)
  2. Hand weights, Foam roller, Resistance bands, TRX Suspension system, Yoga mat
  3. Perform body weighted exercises: pushups, sit-ups, squats, lunges, bicycle, mtn. climbers
  4. Have a house or live in a Condo, go climb up and down your staircase
  5. Be open minded about what you can perform at home (ask your Trainer)

Over the last 3-weeks I have successfully made it everyday after work to the gym. That is 15 out of 15 days. Also, I have worked out on the weekend doing something active 4 out of 6 days. Although it has been less than a month, I have seen positive results in the amount of energy I have each day and the starting phases of building muscles. I have listened to the advice of the fitness trainer and begun to implement some of those ides into my daily life.

As a departing tip for all of you who read this far:

For best personal results, only compete with yourself and always strive to be better then the day before