Reflection on Implementing the Workout Journal

Last week, I made it a point to purchase a 4″x5″ spiral notebook to be a Workout Journal, it held the exercise plan for the week. It assisted in getting out of work and into the gym by approximately 5:30pm each evening. I had a strategy for getting to the gym, warming-up, workout and cool down. This weeks’ routine is a combination of body weight exercises, using a foam roller (for the first time), walking the track, riding a stationary bicycle and using a TRX System. To understand the workout journaling better, I have written a summary of each day.

Monday February 27

Today, I was extremely pissed off about a project at work. Someone had irked me during the afternoon which really fuelled the energy when reaching the gym. The planned routine took an hour to complete and by the end I was still too high-strung to depart. I hit the stairclimber for 5 minutes and then hopped onto a stationary bicycle for another 40-minutes. By the time I had exhausted my day’s frustrations, I felt fantastic. Today I began drinking water at 7:30pm and finished about 10pm. I consumed 224-ounces or about 7-litres of water.

Tuesday February 28

Today, was a good day. I was looking forward to the gym. In high spirits and consumed about 5-litres of water prior to my arrival at the gym. I usually consume a litre or more while at the gym. By the end of today, I drank just over 8-litres or 266-ounces of water. The routine abs and lower body which took 90 minutes to complete. Side note mentioned:

  • Slow & Steady, start to finish

Wednesday March 1 

Thankfully work went well again today. I was happy entering the gym at 5:30pm as it would be a quick in and out session as the planned activities were all stretching related. By the end of the stretching, I felt really good and decided to hit the stationary bike for 30-minutes to work up some sweat. I drank a bit less water today, only consuming 6-litres or 192-ounces. Today’s note:

  • Only drink tea, on cool or cold days. Then YOU will always consume more water in a day

Thursday March 2 

After work I was pretty mellow and it took a while longer to get myself out of my truck and into the gym. Today’s planned activity 5-minute intervals for 2-miles (3.22 kms) around the track and when you reached 5-minutes you were to stop and perform 10 pushups, 20 squats, 30 jumping jacks.

Had I been thinking about Thursday’s routine prior to Thursday, I would have calculated how many actual laps I would have to perform to reach 3.22 kms. However I didn’t do that. On the day, I read the track signage which read, “1-lap equals 110-meters and 9-laps equals 1-kilometer“.

Performing a bad calculation in my head, I determined 40-laps to reach 3.22 kms. By the end of my 4th interval, I was barely doing pushups, squats were too difficult and I needed a 2-minute rest before completing the 30-jumping jacks. I tossed in the towel at 20-laps. Marked a note in my journal about calculations and headed for the second half of my routine: Abs Tabatta.

  •  2-miles you will need to complete 3.22-kilometers which is 3220-meters or a total of 29.27 laps

Friday March 3 

Departed work at 3:30pm in good spirits and arrived at the gym by 3:45pm. Tonight, I was on a fast timeline as I was volunteering at a YMCA Junior Lifeguard Swimming Meet which started at 4:30pm. Entering the gym, I hit the TRX system, non-stop for 30-minutes. Then went to be assigned for the evening. As it turned out, I was a runner between the time keepers and the ribbon awards station. Basically, I walked 80-yards every 10-minutes for 3 and a half hours or about 1,680-yards (1.5 kms).


Saturday March 4

Today, I opted out of exercise as my entire body is sore. Literally, I hurt everywhere. I pulled out the foam roller and moved it across all the sore areas. I did this in the morning and afternoon. Not only is my body in pain from all the workouts this week, but I decided to weigh myself to see how things are moving along. What I learned is, I have gained 8-pounds. Inquired with the trainer and he said that’s a good sign because after you put on more muscle your body starts to feed on your fat cells and turn them into muscles. Well… who knew?

The good thing about taking a day off, from the exercise journal means you have more time to consume more water. Today, I polished off 6-litres of water by 6:01pm.

Sunday March 5

I made it to Sunday. Yesterday is over. The sun is shining albeit the temperature is -17 Celsius (1.5F), I am ready to face the stairwell to hike 5-flights of stairs, hit the resistance bands, perform several stretches and roll the foam roller back over the muscle groups.

As you can see, incorporating a workout journal is a brilliant way to keep yourself on track for the week. It helps motivate you by tracking how you feel, how much water you are consuming and items you need to improve your routines in the gym. Oh yea, and it provides you with goals for the week coming up. How to’s on making your routine better and where you need to improve.



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