Did Someone Say “May”?

The best thing I can say is… what happened to April? No. Seriously… where did it go? Okay, so, I failed to post as many articles as I was hoping to. Which coincidentally seems to be my pattern over the last couple of years. Super strong start in January. Pretty well in February. Petering out into March. What happened to April? And then here we are at the first week of another new month: May!

Well, the easiest thing to point a finger at, is all the VLOGGING, which I have been doing on my You Tube Channel “Distracted in Alberta” and the Social Media distraction of trying to add content to a Facebook page, on a more regular basis, too. Then comes the 2-weeks in the middle of the month which we spent in Varadero, Cuba and well… you can see that April was a shortened month for this guy.

Of course, with the rain, sleet, snow of late April, it should have kept us indoors. Except there was the annual Edmonton Motor Show, which I just had to attend 2-weeks ago, because it was the first time that it did not get hosted the same weekend which I am vacationing the years before. And this past weekend, I spent time down south at the University of Calgary, volunteering for the 2017 Lifeguard Games. So, really, I didn’t get the chance to well, think, to be honest with you. And thinking really is a BIG Piece of how I come up with ideas to write about.

A few weeks back I pulled an article from “Pro Blogger” about topics to write about, thinking I would take advantage of this idea generation. What happened? No content. I just didn’t sit in front of the computer at home. I realized my time is valuable and I wasn’t putting in enough effort. Also, I learned that I really need to have a personal schedule. Literally, schedule my own life? What a concept. Scheduling my own life. This is something, I have never really considered and probably really should think more about it, the problem in that is, I am really a night time person, living a day time person’s job criteria. And so, when I come “ALIVE” in the night time, when all my ENERGY explodes out of my person, that is when I am supposed to be going to bed. Some weeks, I just say “screw it! I’m staying up until my eyes cannot see anymore.” The mornings which follow those nights are fairly ugly, as I try to rush myself out of the house by 8am to make it to work by 8:30am.

Thankfully, tomorrow, my first appointment is at the Dentist at 8am. And work will just have to wait.





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