Too Much Caffeine and Voila a New Style

This has to be one of the hardest things I deal with when it comes to having this blog. It is literally, deciding on the format, the number of pages, drop down menus, consistency… I just don’t seem to have it all together, tonight. Last night… must have been a Caffeine Free kind of day. 

  • What makes this blog?
  • How to improve the appearance?
  • How not to sacrifice the writer?

I have this song in my head, by T-Pain. Yep, a southern rap artist “The Ring Leader Man”, it’s very not-politically correct, lots of swearing, lots of good humour. He’s literally put together a CD which I would almost classify it as a “play” meets a “musical” and its dropped into a blender, which becomes a “circus” at which point you realize, it’s a broadway show on a compact disc.

Water Break! 

Well, I went for water and came back with brown rice chips and chilli-hummus as well. The perfect writer’s midnight snack. I am constantly trying to make this a better location. Something that “catches the eye” of the reader… does it have to catch the eye?

Is that what a blog is about? “catching the eye of someone else”? I mean, if I wanted to catch your eye, you would think that I would simply just place 2,345,501,093 photographs on here and well… you’d be caught. But is that realistic? Those billions of images. What would those images tell you about me? Would it define me? Would it explain who I am? And why I am constantly getting deja-vu moments in my life? Would t
his provide to you the reader?

Oh yea… images, I hear there is some really good things happening on Instagram! And I mean, if you don’t want to look at Instagram, because you are all like “man, I am so tired of Insta-everything,” then you could always look me up at Carbonmade. Of course, if you are the type of person who would prefer a large portfolio of work to be inspired by and you had the time to take a look, well, than, you could just hang out at Flickr.

So, where was this article going…

Oh yea!

  • What should “Distracted in Alberta” look like?
    • BOLD
    • delicate  
    • Sharpe anBrash
      • Should it be caffeinated or decaffeinated?
      • Should it be narrow lines or thick lines?
      • Should it be sensitive or harsh?

And why is it, that every 6 to 9 months, I have this URGE to just revamp? Trash last seasons “appearance” and start again? Like a clean sheet of sketch paper. It’s like if you forget to clean your car for those 9-months of cold Alberta winter and when SPRING has SPRUNG you remember where all your car cleaning supplies are located at. And your instincts kick-back-in to let you know, that it’s time for you to “Get Off The Couch & Go Clean Your Car… Apartment… House… Garage… Yard… Blog!”

Because after all, everyone supposedly “loves” that New Car Scent!

~ James Curtis