Definitions by a Previous Aaron

At the moment, I am rebuilding and redesigning “Distracted in Alberta“, as I wanted a more classic design. Something that felt almost like a zine or if you were touching the pages instead of your laptop, or tablet, or smartphone, that the pages look like something you would want to touch.

Anyways… while I was grabbing some URLs, earlier, I came across an old Flickr Account, which honestly, it looks like I have neglected for more than 5-years now! However, what I did find were these words, that my previous being had written about being an Artist, Traditional Photographer, Digital Photographer and the Non-Conforming Photographer. The enjoyment of these titles and their definitions made me wonder what else I had written and where those words are today?

I do hope you enjoy these personal opinions on the art and craft of Photography;

An Artist in my opinion is a person with a vision. They look at a scene in front of them, contemplate what they have found and think of 100 different ways to capture it.

A Traditional Photographer in my opinion is a person who doesn’t use digital technology nor inhibits their frame with an accessory. A traditionalist knows what it takes to capture an image as is in the frame and carries on with each image in a meticulous way. Every decision is a moment in time where they have thought, planned, and executed their shot.

A Digital Photographer in my opinion is a person who needs an accessory to develop their image. They have not seen the image as is, out there in the world but has the desire to take an image and construct it inside their digital darkroom into a magnificent collage of information.

A Non-Conforming Photographer in my opinion is a combination of the above descriptions. They know when an image needs nothing else, they know when to seek out 100 different ideas and they know when to use a digital darkroom to enhnace, retouch and manipulate images.

Then Who Am I ?

Through and through, I am an Artist seeking the truth in a traditionalists body. I believe an image should be captured as is, in the world that surrounds me. I feel each image tells a story of place and time, of a person and their culture. The scene in front of me speaks in various colors, shapes, and tonal ranges. And I as the photographer must seek out to capture its inner beauty utlizing every technique available to me at that moment in time.

~ Aaron J. JacksonCrabb

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