To Shoot a Moose or Not? That Really Should Have Been The Question

There I am driving South out of Barrhead, Alberta on Saturday afternoon when I look to me right and SPOT a moose! Just like any other PHOTOG out there, I gently slam on my brakes and screech to a halt. As my door opens with one hand the other grabs my camera. A couple of snaps and Moosey realizes I am onto him. So he moves through the field and approaches a thicket. I do the SUPER SMART thing and start to follow him. He out wits my pursuit. And I go back to my car. 20 minutes later something pricks my ankle. I pull out “it” and “its” this small thorn thing. I take a couple macros (cause thats what I do) and keep on going.

Sunday it swells a little, turns red and is a bit itchy.  On Monday, I try standing after a meeting and nearly fall back over. Oooooh the pain. That night its inflamed and turning more red. The pain is excruciating. I take a couple Tylenol Extra Strength, ice it off, elevate it and eventually stuff it in hot water.

Today I visit the doctor and he prescribes to me: Teva-Cephalexin 500mg, take 1 tablet 4-times a day for a week. Before I leave he says, “if the swelling does not subside in 3-days go to the Emergency Room”.

Geeez… all this for a picture of a Moose!


Right Ankle

The Moose of my suffering