Public Land Use Zone or PLUZ

Today, we explored a Public Land Use Zone or PLUZ, near Brûlé Lake in search of Sand Dunes and a campout location due to the dinner time bells ringing in my head and stomach as the clock ticked by five forty-five in the evening.

Down a dusty, dirty backroad at a snails pace looking over various trails south of Brûlé Lake, as the truck shifted, jostled, and bounced down the rutted pathway created by numerous vehicles which had come and gone before us. Over a hill and through the woods to no one’s house we went. Eighteen or so, minutes later, we spotted life in the form of 2-evening joggers running up a nearby hill. Out in front of us the winds gained momentum and with it the sand lifted into the air creating a docile smoke screen. As the dust settled, I continued to drive onward at less than 5-kilometres per hour. The tires kicked and churned into the soft sand, our momentum kicking up the light corse sand which the winds caught blacking out the roadway behind me like a bad foggy day.

Excusing myself from the roadway we doped into the bush to set up our cookout gear with an exceptional view of a mountain range perched on the edge ood Jasper National Park.