Destination #1, Calgary, Alberta Canada 

After a couple of car accidents and some construction along the QEII aka Highway 2 between Edmonton and Calgary. We used a “special new service” called Google Maps, to inform us and detour around it.

Four hours and thirteen minutes later we arrived in Calgary with a only a brief pit stop for lunch in Red Deer. 

Upon our arrival in the city we contacted our friend Tamara who said “hey get yourselves over here and enjoy this patio sun!”.

Driving down Memorial Drive, my wife and I chatted about “how much do you think a house in Calgary costs now?” And “Would you ever consider living here again?” 

  • Our collective answers; 
  • Its Probably 25% more than Edmonton on average, and
  • Not really sure.  I still like the core and natural areas around Calgary. And obviously the relativity to the mountains. So maybe. 

Upon arriving at Tamara’s place we congregated and conversed for an hour. Then took a thirty-two minute walk to a restaurant on the bottom floor of Casel called The Village Flatbread Company

It’s a 100% Gluten-free pizza shop serving vegan, vegetarian and meat pizzas out of their 650-sqft pizza shop. 

Our reviews of their pizzas

  • Tamara ordered the East Village minus the pepperoni and double the bacon 
  • Shauna ordered the Kensington
  • Me, well I ordered the Brittania 
  • All three of us ordered a Kombucha Mojito Mint tea 

    Sitting outside the shop in the brisk 29C evening, we idelly chatted away about our lives and catching up with each other. 

    The flatbreads arrived. Everyone’s eyes poped out their heads, as a murmur of Wow’s, Ooh’s and Agh’s filled around the table and everyone snapped a photo. 

    Comments to the proprietor were, “thank you for this wonderful pizza. The flavors are amazing. This is great. I’m soooo happy thus is vegan. How did you get the crust so crisp?” 

    He smiled and thanked us for our compliments and wandered off with a satisfied look upon his face. 

    Dinner over, we wandered back to Tamara’s got the dogs on leashes, took them for a long long walk around the hilltop then settled into the furniture to watch a movie before catching our zzz’s for the evening.

    A satisfied day 1, of our 14-day trip started and ended with great conversations amongst good company and I’m truly looking forward to the upcoming days.