The Front 9 at Windermere Valley Golf Course

Late yesterday evening as we sat in the Horsethief Pub in Radium Hot Springs, BC we happily dined on a Philly Cheese Steak and a BLT both with mixed green salads.

As we ate we decided to spend labour day morning chasing the little white ball around a links. 

Searching out Public Golf courses in the area with nine holes under $30, we found Windermere Valley Golf Course.

Checking their website we learned that the course is family friendly, it hosts a junior league and it has several annual tournaments. 

Clicking onto “book a tee time” it linked me through to 

At Chronogolf, it listed all available tee times starting at 7:32am, reading through the list we settled on a start time of 9:52am which would allow us to eat breakfast, grab a java and head out.

Checked in at 9:45am, got a cart, strapped in the clubs, pulled around to tee box #1, chatted with the Marshall and was introduced to our other pair Terry and Bob.

Introductions out of the way, I pulled out the War Bird Driver and crushed a 275yd drive, to the clapping approvals of our foursome. Terry topped it 110yds and Bob struck a toe-slice 75yds into the trees. The guys joked with each other and smiled. Shauna not missing a beat replied “all good boys, just wait till you see where my tree shot lands!” She laughed pulling out her driver, a ball and tee. 

The rest of the morning we cheered each other on, made wise cracks, searched for each other’s temporarily missing ball and provided both comraderie and advice on golf. 

By the end of nine holes, I felt pretty warmed up, finally crushing another straight shot and paring the hole. Terry and Bob asked if we would consider playing the back nine with them. We appreciated the request and had to make like a tree and leave, as our destination today is Kamloops, BC some six-plus hours away. 

Everyone shook hands, complimented the wonderful time and the golf too. As we cleaned up the cart, and turned over the cart key, we bought a golf towel for Shauna’s bag and departed north on Highway 95, to Golden, BC.