What to do at the 2017 Shaw Charity Classic PGA Tour

For five years and counting my company Westcan Advanced Communication Solutions has provided two-way Motorola radios to Canyon Meadows Golf and Country Club to use during the 3-day Shaw Charity Classic PGA Tour. 

Last year my wife and I attended round 2 on Saturday and had a swimmingly awesome time, chatting with volunteers, hanging out with other PGA Tour fans and testing our skills in the Fun Zone. 

This year I spoke to our Marketing Director and viola, another set of passes to the Crow’s Nest VIP Section on the 16th green. 

The best part is it coincided with the begging of our annual September two week holiday. 

What to do while at the course? 

  • Hang out in the Fun Zone: doing activities and meeting volunteers whose companies sponsor the tournament
  • Walk the course following your favorite PGA Pro Players
  • Hangout in the Crow’s Nest, drinking and dining while watching players tee off and put out
  • Enjoy fine weather and donating to the sponsored charities involved in the annual tournament
    A Caddy’s Job

    Overall it was another B+ event which included fine weather, great views along the course and a couple dramatic shots by great pro players like Montgomerie, Funk and Perjavik.