Did Your Tent Stake Break? Now What?

I know what you’re thinking, “is his post title for real?”

  • The answer: Yes

What happened? 

Well it started two years ago on another road trip. We were in Southern Idaho at Craters of the Moon campground and the lava ground was not accepting our tent stakes. Instead it was bending them in half. 

After this trip, I spent a few hours doing research on tent stakes.

All of my research pointed towards Mountain Safety Research better known as MSR, for the best tent stakes on the market. 

I dropped by our local Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) and purchased a six-pack of 7075 Anondized Stakes. 

Late yesterday we pulled into Lac Le Jeune lake and campground, a bit south of Kamloops, BC. 

Unpacking the trunk I pulled out the tent and we began erecting it before daylight disappeared. 

First stake in hand, I started pounding it with the Husky brand hammer and less than two-minutes into slugging away the stake stopped. 

It might have gone in half an inch then SNAP! 

  • The stake broke!

Hmmm, Now what? 

The two of us conversed on what our options were going to be? Especially, now that our tent stakes were ineffective against this rocky ground surface!

Shauna said “we’ll use rocks.”

And she went on the hunt to collect rocks to use as weights to keep the rain fly stretched out. 

Our next issue occurred when we began moving our stuff: sleeping bags, pads, pillows and sleepwear into the tent. 

The front door not being secured was pulled apart. It wouldn’t stay in its familiar ways when the zippers were pulled on. 

It would literally rearrange the front entry way. As a brief discussion ensued Shauna tripped over one of the bright yellow rainfly cords knocking the tent left two feet. 

My suggestion was using the velcro instead of the zippers. As it would be less stressful on the way we entered 

Okay,” she said, “but why don’t we roll-up the front entrance and not use zippers or velcro?” 

That’s brilliant”, I said, “Hopefully it doesn’t rain on us tonight.”