The Scenic Route; Nanaimo to Port Hardy 

It’s not everyday that you wake up in Nanaimo listening to the horn of a ferry, then again everyday is not part of a holiday.
After breakfast and a short drive with four phone calls to golf courses in nearby Parksville, we were on our way to Brigadoon Course an executive 9-hole par 29 for our morning walk about.

Golfing for the day accomplished we took in second breakfast at Brimm Cafe in downtown Parksville. Bellies full of delicious homemade gluten-free foods and Spirit Bear Coffee, we set off north along Oceanside Route which would take us (you guessed it) along the ocean also known as the Johnstone Strait. Our driving goal for the day is Telegraph Cove, along the Northeastern coast of the island. 

Along the way I mentioned some activities to Shauna around Port Hardy and Port McNeil like fishing, whale watching, kayaking, hiking, bear chasing and First Nations Carvings. 

As we drove further north discussing our days to come, my brains slowly strayed towards sleepiness. 

Just inside Campbell River, we passed an SUV with two 10-pound sacks of potatoes laying on top of the car. Giggling we slowed to a crawl to inform the Driver they had left their potato sacks on top ofthe car. Ironically as the car pulled beside us, we realized his vehicle was stuffed so full that the only place for his potato sacks was on the roof! 

197 kilometres to go and my head sagged to the right. “Go for it. You’re tired. I’ll drive“, she said as I drifted asleep. 

106 kilometres later, I woke as we slowed down into a construction zone. We chatted about nothing and the scenery for twelve minutes then I zonked out again. 

44 kilometres to Port McNeil, my eyes opened, my arms stretched out and I knew we were getting closer to our destination… until a green distance sign poked up in the distance which read 

  • Alert Bay 15 
  • Port Hardy 38

Wait,” I said, “what happened to Port McNeil?” 

We passed it about twenty-two minutes ago, why?” 

Because we needed to turn before it to reach Telegraph Cove,” I laughed. 

She laughed.

We laughed. 

Guess we will see what Port Hardy is like first,” she smiled and on we went.