Two Trailheads, One Dedication and a Spectacular Viewpoint

After the five minute run down with base camp ranger Bob, about the “do’s and dont’s” of Telegraph Cove Campground, we hopped into the car and drove up to our site. 

Looking over site #E104, we came to terms with its layout as long as we moved the picnic table over and laid our tent in its place. 

On the information sheet for the campground there are two trailheads. The first leading to Buskow Cove. A quick, gentle stroll through old forest growth which lead us to the inlet.  

Purusing the cove we spotted a couple of climbers practicing their holds along a 30m cliff wall. Instead of further investigations around this area we opted to go back to the Blinkhorn trailhead. 

At the trailhead was a dedication to Dave Farrant and several hiking sticks. We read that the Farrant family had lived in the area since 1945. Dave’s father was a steam engineer at the local mill. And Dave attended school until grade 8 when he quit to work as a logger locally in the area. Eventually he became a small engine mechanic in the Port McNeil area. 

What’s fascinating about Dave was he loved hiking around Telegraph Cove and found a great viewpoint above Johnstone Strait. To get to this location he’d rope himself off to trees and climb the embankments until reaching the top. 

Once at the viewpoint he would try to view the strait and islands thru the tall trees.

At somepoint Dave decided to fix his view thru the trees by bringing a saw with him. 

And once at the viewpoint he’d rope himself off to nearby trees. Then lower over the cliff edge to cut away. 

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