Its a Beach, Its a Creek, Its a Magnificent Hidden Waterfall at Sombrio Beach

At dinner the night before last our neighbouring table patrons began a random conversation with us about Soule Creek Lodge, evening dining in Port Renfrew and their days journey to Sooke and back to the lodge.

During this conversation is when the woman brought up not so accurate details about a mysterious waterfall hidden just off the beach. 

She said, “once on the beach down from the parking lot you meander left for a few hundred metres. You will come across a creek. You hike up this creek about ten-minutes until you reach this magnificent crevice covered in lichen. You adjust your positioning along the creek and you will see this thundering waterfall in the most beautiful and surprising setting. It’s truly worth the time and efforts to get there.” 

And with this information still fresh in my head, I spotted the turn off for Sombrio Beach. 

Down a 1.6-kilometre winding dirt, pothole and rock track we drove deeper into a forest. We both expected the road to lead directly to views of the beach. 

Instead as we neared the parking lot the roadway had several vehicles on the shoulder telling the story of a very packed parking lot. Luckily as we pulled into the one way lot a couple of cars came out the other direction. 

Pulled around, parked, I began digging out our essentials for a hike across the beach, to a random creek and up an unmarked trail to the waterfall. 

Packs on, we went strolling down the pathway towards the beach. 

As we reached the bottom you could see both a plethora of surfers in and out of the water. 

Beyond the surfers to our left we walked along the beach looking at the rocks and tidal pools searching for crabs, snails, starfish and more. 

That’s when I spotted a deeper cove further up the beach which was being crushed by waves. At this point neither of us had seen a creek and that spot seemed like the best location for a creek feeding into the ocean and this mysterious trailhead. 

Hiking across the beach we approached the cove and saw two tremendously large waves crash against the dark rocks causing a tremendous sound and spraying water all over the cliff face. 

Shauna spoke with two other people about the location of the trailhead and this mysterious waterfall. They pointed back towards the extremely tiny creek coming out the forest. 

She came over and explained what she just learnt. I laughed at the sight of this tiny creek. “Are you serious?,” I asked. Shauna shrugged her shoulders “That’s what they told me. Don’t shoot the messenger.” 

We stood for a while just chatting about the beach and noticed several groups of people disappear into the forest where the tiny creek laid. 

Fifteen minutes later they all returned to the beach. Each person smiling in wonderment.

We decided to give it a go. 

And up the tiny creek we went. Five minutes in and there was the world’s tiniest waterfall. I laughed thinking “this cannot be it!” 

Hopping thru the creek, into the mud path, over a couple tree stumps hoping there was MORE to this mysterious waterfall. 

Around a corner and WOWZERS, look at that, I thought stunned in my tracks. Shauna bumped into my abrupt stop and smiled next to me. “Oooh that’s nice.” 

I moved left to get a better look of this cavern and my smile grew three times as I could see at the far end of the cavern the most spectacular waterfall, I had ever seen.