You Should Always Practice This Car Task in the Summer Time

This afternoon, as I sat researching information about health and wellness online, my wife’s sister sent a text asking if we wanted to meet up at Landmark Cinema in Spruce Grove to see Pitch Perfect 3? “Hey the sista wants to know if we want to go to the movie?’, said my wife. “Which movie? When? and whose going to be there?,” I replied.

“Oh, Pitch Perfect 3 and those are good questions, I’ll ask her…” she replied her fingers moving about her cellphone texting back. In the meantime, I Googled the Trailer and said, “hey do you want to watch the Trailer?” “sure,” she replied walking over to where I sat with my laptop.

The trailer started, we began laughing, and my wife says, “you can turn it off, that’s awesome! I’m in…” And as she spoke this her cellphone buzzed, “She said, the four of us and either 4:15pm or seven o’clock, what’s your preference?” 

We agreed to meet up for the earlier movie and we discussed when we needed to be ready by. We settled on 3:40pm to be departing the condo. At precisely 3:48pm we left, drove the backroad to the theatre and as we approached the front door opens, the brother-in-law steps out, points at his watch and disappears back into the theatre. Smiling, to no one in particular, thinking, “its the weekend and everyone knows I’m never on time unless there is a plane ride involved!” 

We all did our pre-movie rituals, getting popcorn, beverages and other snacks, idly chatting as the trailers played, laughing and talking about our day and what remains of 2017. We chatted about computers, research and our jobs. And then the movie started. Two hours and a bit later, the four of us departed the theatre chatting about the third instalment of this trilogy and the consensus was fair, not brilliant, not spectacular but it had a few good laughs throughout. We all said our goodbyes and thanks for the company.

As the wife and I headed to our car, I said, “have you started your vehicle yet? Its only a chilly minus 27 out.” And she replied with, “it usually doesn’t start this far away. But I will try.” As we briskly moved from the front doors of the theatre across the frozen parking lot to the frozen vehicle which now sat idly warming itself in the balmy -27C (-16.6F) .

Upon my approach to the passenger side, I glanced down at the rear tire and it looked a bit low. A couple of steps more, I looked again, winced and said “Hey, you have a spare tire, right?” Why?” she replied. “Your rear tire is flat.” “Your not joking, right?” 

She popped open her truck, we moved a few items out of her trunk into the back seat, we removed the blanket, jack set, lug nut set, and small spare tire. Setting about, I explained to the wife where to place the jack, so that we could undo the lug nuts. “Aren’t we supposed to remove the locking nut first?” she inquired. “Sure. We just need to loosen each at this point, then we need to place the jack and get the car off the ground before removing the lugs.” She seemed pleased. And we set to work on the car.

Idly, I stood back awaiting her to get the jack into the correct placement. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, I laid on the ground, checked the jack, reviewed the undercarriage, located the correct position, slide the jack under the car, showed and explained as I went to her, and laughed that we should try this in the summer time, as it would be less of a hassle.

Quickly we raised the car. Sprinted through loosening each lug, handing them to her as I went through the motions. All lugs removed, tire off, grabbed the spare, placed it on the lugs, and performed everything in the reverse, once again explaining what I was doing as I went. Lugs hand tightened on the wheel, we lowered the jack a bit and she says, “Is it okay if I give it a go?” “Certainly. Just keep loosening it off.” I took a break checking over and watching her struggle with the jack. Eventually, noticing that her struggles were from raising the jack and not lowering it.

“Hey, you will want to turn it the other way. As you keep raising the car,” I stated, turning she looked at me, laughed and said, “Well that explains why it was being difficult. Your turn.” Moving back into the place, I lowered the jack and the tire onto the ground. Grabbed the tire iron, and began tightening the lugs back. Once tightened, I said, its your turn to lower and remove the jack. She did. This time in the correct direction. We placed everything back into the trunk of the car and departed on our merrily way home.

Five Car Maintenance Things You Should Practice in the Summer Time

  1. Plugging in your block heater
  2. Changing a flat tire
  3. Changing a spark plug
  4. Changing a windshield wiper
  5. Changing your cabin air filter