Twenty-two minutes of Reflection on Three-hundred and Sixty-four days of Achievements, Failures, Challenges, and Disappointments in 2017

Last night, I started reflecting on the year gone by, all the achievements and disappointments which I have endured and faced over the last 364 days. As I pulled out my journal to review last year’s “goals” which I deemed to be “challenges”, I realized something truly inspiring had taken place. I had Achieved and – Failed, over the course of the year in the two categories I had chosen to challenge myself against: Personal & Career.

Here is the results of my challenges which I drafted on January 8, 2017. All of those in green were successes and all those in red were not. Although some of those in red, were adjusted over the course of the year to accommodate the balance of life and could potentially be rolled over into 2018. 


  1. Workout 3-times per week for 30-days then increase to 5-times per week
  2. Eat only a vegetarian-vegan diet
  3. Save money for investing and a down payment on the future
  4. Pay off the automobile, fix the automobile, sell the automobile
  5. Sell any unwanted items around the house


  1. Read, and Study the PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge)
  2. Take the PMBOK test for a PMP (Project Management Professional Designation)
  3. Complete working 5-years at the current employer
  4. Begin taking Construction Management Courses
  5. Join PMI Alberta Northern Chapter participate in events to build a network

As I admire my graceful demise of career challenges, I realize that the only person who held back from these being successful was myself. I had drafted 10 achievable challenges and had misplaced the plans to succeed at each of them, even though all were obtainable. 

The best part of reflecting in these twenty-two minutes is deciding whether these challenges should be placed into the column for 2018?

Also, by reviewing what those challenges were, I can learn a lesson or seven of them, about how to better plan the year, prepare myself, provide myself a guiding principle and outline and try to be more diligent in achieving these challenges in the year to come.