British Columbia Provides Golfers with Plenty to Shoot, Fore

Sometime back in August we spent a day on a golf course with family trying to escape the harsh winds of Calahoo Hills Golf Course in Alberta. The family cheered us on, as the wife and I, played in the foursome with her parents. In the end, the day was full of challenges and triumphant swings.

As the days between August and September dwindled the wife and I prepared for our annual two week road trip. Our unplanned adventure included camping, hiking and golfing through Southern British Columbia.

Windermere Valley Golf Course
(C) JacksonCrabb Photography 2017

Our first stop on the trip was in the small town of Radium Hot Springs. Here we reviewed several golf courses near by and settled on Windermere Valley Golf Course. We had agreed to a 9:00am tee time and set out to play the front nine.

Pulling up to the first tee box, the course marshall introduced us to the twosome which we would be playing with. Tom and Bernie. From the moment we shook hands, and introduced ourselves, the comedy routine between Tom and Bernie began to fall out of their golf cart. As did the idle smiling, bubbly chatter which erupted out of my wife.

With every stroke counted, swing swung and putt putted into the cup, this foursome drove on jovially entertaining one another, congratulating at the best of times and encouraging at the worst. As we rounded around the dog-leg left on the ninth hole approaching that final flag pole, Tom and Bernie gently asked if we would join them on the back nine?

Unfortunately we were unable to agree to this invitation, as our plans required us to get back into our vehicle and onto the asphalt to drive the necessary six-and a half-hours to Kamloops. However, looking back now, I am certain today, both of us wishes, that one of us would have just taken a chance, and said, you bet, your white ball, we will!” 

As the final golf ball rolled down the green and dropped into that ninth cup, we shook hands with each other, acknowledged the enjoyment we had planning with the other twosome and wished everyone a wonderful afternoon. 

While pulling the vehicle out of the parking lot the two of us were full of giggles and laughter as we discussed Bernie’s approach on golf, his memorable swearing up a storm to himself about his slicing and dicing, on the fairway, in the fringe and hanging out in the rough. His positive spirits and personal charm made this mornings’ front nine a very memorable and fantastic one!

The Sixth Fairway
(C) JacksonCrabb Photography 2017


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