What do Beaches, Warm Weather and Me, Have in Common?


Honestly, its all my wife’s fault that I’m even looking at, considering and possibly planning another trip to Mexico. In a past life I have travelled twice to Mexico; Mazatlan and Los Cabos.

Both experiences were adventures dilluted by booze, cruising sandy beaches, playing volleyball, body boarding and searching for a pair of sunglasses or those coconut rum drinks with little red umbrellas. Of course these trips also included night clubs, dancing to all hours and forty-five stitches.

For nearly two years now, the wife has been asking for a trip to Mexico and then in December while at a friends house for dinner, we were told they have a two bedroom condo in Huatulco, Oaxaca Mexico in late Winter.

They said their trip begins on February 18th and ends around March 22nd. This information was followed by an invitaton to meet them in Huatulco for 10-to-14 days and stay in the second room.

The wife looked at me with those BIG BABY BLUE EYES, as if to say, ‘why wouldn’t we consider this awesone offer?’ and that’s when I realized I had no objections to at least look into a return trip to Mexico.

After this dinner is when the real researching in mid-December began. A grimace on me and a smile on her with a small promise to do the trip “if” the flights were reasonable?

Just before Christmas the first search for roundtrip airline tickets yielded $1500+ per person, not exactly economical.

By the third search a few days later, we struck gold! West Jet, $670 roundtrip per person!

Quickly we phoned to confirm our friends offer to join them in March in Huatulco, they said “yes definitley.” I clicked on the magical “go” button online purchasing our airfares and the wife HIGH-FIVED me at the table, exclaiming, “We are finally going to Mexico!”

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