This Week Just Keeps on Trucking By

Do you ever have that feeling, that your week just blew by in a New York Minute? Seriously… Everyday after work, I have not departed the building at my regular 5:00pm end of shift time. I have left work at 5:30pm, 6:45pm, 7:15pm or some other nuance after 5:30pm just to catch up on the workday due to meetings, or conversations or the plethora of unscheduled activities which plagued the day.

Due to extremely cold temperatures here in Edmonton this week negative 42 Celsius (-43.6 Fahrenheit), I am starting the truck like fifteen times to ensure it has a warm engine, a not so frozen drivers’ seat and a cabin filled with anything above -15 Celsius (+5F). Once I deem the truck to be in stable suitable conditions, I pull on all of the latest cold weather technology, base layers, mid-layers, exterior layer, Merino wool socks, toque, gloves, scarves and boots, punch in the alarm code, lock the door and listen to ensure the alarm bells don’t go off to ensure we the building is fully secured. Then sprint like the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow man across the parking lot, and get into the semi-warmed pickup truck.

Key into the ignition, we head West down the Yellowhead highway in search of the intersection which will lead us to Trophy Book Archery in Spruce Grove. Parked in the lot, teeth still chattering, check the semi-frozen smartphone for any messages, turn off the truck, grab the longbow case and head inside for an hours worth of practice.

Back to starting up the truck for a fifteen minute warming session, I gingerly depart the range, hop into the truck and drive home. Once home its gobble up some dinner, drink a protein shake, complete my daily physio stretches, chat with the wife, open up the laptop and stare whole heartedly at the drafts which are awaiting to be edited or like tonight just gaze upon a random blank post page for an undetermined amount of time until…

Certainly the words will come to me, if I just sit here staring… something er nothing, will come out of my head and down onto this blank canvas awaiting my frivolous thoughts… 

And this struggle to write started four days ago… on Monday January 8 at 6:47pm and continued until today at 9:39pm Thursday January 11.

Thus the struggle continues to yield results.

Signing off.

Yours truly,

~ James Curtis