The Craziest Thing Happened to Me the Other Day

No seriously! There is a 98% chance that you have NEVER EVER heard of this happening to a person, or yourself, or someone you know, or that you have even imagined this could happen! And I am hear, to tell you the TRUTH. 

The first one arrived about March 2017, at first, we thought it was just a new tooth trying to grow awkwardly out of the gum. I went to the local dentist, and she examined this tooth chip, then informed me this was “natural” for these bone chips to work there way out of your gums. THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO ME… the dentist telling me that little bone fragments are lodged inside the gums of actual people and that these fragments over time will remove themselves from your jaw bones, basically they push the EJECT BUTTON and come on out! And that I shouldn’t be alarmed if it were to happen again. AGAIN?

There I was a couple years back now, when this thing was coming out of the lower front side of my jawbone (Mental Foramenwas about a third of the size of a dime. As soon as that sucker was close enough to the surface, like when I was a kid and had a loose tooth, I just started pulling and picking at it. Eventually, I took out a tweezers and tore it from its last shred of gum-linkage straight out from my mouth! Of course it was a bit painful and bled like the devil but it was done!

exterior_MandibleShe’ll be coming around the mountain, when she comes, whew hew, she’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes, whew hew, she’ll be coming around the mountain, she’ll be coming around the mountain, she’ll be coming around the mountain when she coooooooooomes…

Only a handful of days into the new year, I notice one fine morning, that where my “molars” would have been, a small incision has opened up and it appears to my wife who is holding the flashlight and looking into my mouth, that a TOOTH is starting to come out?

And back to the dentist I went.

Only this time, its not my old dentist, its the NEW Dentist. And I explain to her what previously happened and what is happening. She pokes and prods around in my mouth, making me WINCE, SQUIRM, FLINCH and JUMP as she continues to prick into the very tender gum area, trying to determine “I wonder what this is?” 

Of course, this being a “dental emergency” instead of confessing to me, that she’s NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE IN ALL OF HER DENTISTRY WIZARDRY, she decides to freeze my lower jawbone, and scrap at the tooth with some sort of file. Of Course, I put the BRAKES down, by chopping on her fingers as she has basically not said a single word to me at this point, and I am SUPER frustrated with the just jam your utensils into my mouth theory.

Long story short, she pricked and prodded into my frozen jaw, prescribed Advil and Periodard Mouthwash, for the weekend coming up. Which lead to me eating baby food for the entire weekend as my jaw, mouth and right side were in excruciating pain! 

Monday, come around, I phoned the dentist office, explained the PAIN, I was still having and that I was eating baby foods to get by, and where is my Oral Surgeon referral. They referred me to this guy in Edmonton, and that is precisely where I ended up this morning.

After a handful of minutes, I was escorted into a room, to talk to his assistant. We chatted idly, ended up at the panoramic x-ray machine, shot a photo, (which in-turn, I took a photo of, once it was up on the computer screen) except it didn’t show any of these little anomalies of teeth, or fragments, or any other random item in my jaw, or gums. I was HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED, that the x-ray was vacant of randomness. And super happy… that I wouldn’t be going under the Oral Surgeons Knife!

The good doctor, er dentist, er oral surgeon, came into the room. He read my chart, I showed him the two 5mm pieces of bone which came out of my jaw in the past 8-days. We chatted some more. He looked at the x-ray. Then I sat in the chair. He stared at my mouth, poked around with his tongue moving device then explained what he was looking at.

It was a confusing amount or words which I thought ended in “-ous” and “-isms”, for me to follow along to. I did my best. Which basically, I needed the map below to explain to my wife. The Submandibular fossa, is where my mouth differs from others. I don’t have the protrusion, which would require surgery. And more than likely never will. He pointed and prodded, but with an explanation each step of the way. He even went as far as handing me a mirror, to watch him poking about as he explained the fascinating sciences behind the mouth, jaw bone, and human anatomy.


Jaw Bone Names

It was an early morning session, in the biology of man, aimed at why these bone fragments occur, when the occur, and why they occur. Of course the last one, is my favourite, no one really knows why?

He did say, when I return in 3-weeks, that he’ll give me an article to read, some sort of white page, document, by a local Canadian, who started discussing these bone fragments and why they might occur. He said its an “interesting read” which I might find useful in the future, when or if, this happens again!