Whose Committed to Researching for a New Laptop in 2018?


Yep, its a word that I love “research” and I am totally into it, probably more than most people will want to admit. I am a RESEARCH GEEK. Seriously. I love it. Its the smell of the books, the crack of that spine and well the smile it brings as I read through stacks and stacks and stacks of periodicals.

Okay, so not so much periodicals anymore, (unless I am at the library, and actually into the old archives, those dusty pages, the musty smell of an old book, oh boy!), as everything now-a-days is actually completed in the good old laptop. The same one I am pounding out on at this very minute (early-2011 MacBook Pro), which will be wiped, rebooted, reset and eventually sold, once I have made up my mind on the next laptop for the New Era of computing requirements.

Personal Requirements for a Personal Computer 

  1. Ability to connect to the internet, inter webs and online stores
  2. Ability to work offline
  3. Ability to use software such as Excel, Word, Quicken, Photoshop
  4. Ability to store content, drafts, videos, photographs, movies
  5. Organizational
  6. Antivirus or Malware, protection
  7. Fast speeds for file transfers, large RAM memory, & large storage space (nearly 70% of my current 312 GB’s of storage space is dedicated to video and photographs, Ouch!)

Which Will be the Next Purchase? 

  1. MacBook Air 
    1. IF, I am being completely honest, its because I have used Mac computers for over twenty years now. It’s an extension of who I am. Although, when I started with Mac, it was because, it was a high-end, graphics, photography driven creative computer platform
    2. Today, well, its like buying an Audi or Lexus or Jaguar, of computers. Its a “status” symbol to own a $2,000.00 everyday, laptop or desktop (unless your gaming, and require this massive RAM memory, storage space, fan speeds, etc)
  2. Chromebook 
    1. I am super in the dark about Chrome OS, how it connects to the cloud, where everything is located (?) physically the server location, am I super ‘cool’ with the idea that my stuff, everything on my laptop isn’t on my laptop, but in the “cloud”
    2. More research and opinions required before this decision is made 
  3. Microsoft Surface
    1. Its the coolest thing since a tablet came out with its nifty touch-screen, awesome stylus pen, super-light weight extra duty, purchase all your software annually online and KEEP paying for it, as its now a subscription and not a software on a disc or a download from the internet
    2. Its reminiscent of the MacBook series, with its impressively large price tag 

What do you Use It For? 

  1. Research on the internet
    1. Travel, hiking, camping, new clothes, new appliances, destinations, jobs, resumes, books, outlines, outdoor activities, RV, motorcycle and more
  2. Blogging / Vlogging / Editing
    1. Keeping up with personal goals on creating and getting new content out there
  3. Skype sessions with family and friends
  4. Banking
    1. Monthly budget, keeping check book balanced and investing strategies

Which is the Best Bang for the Bucks? 

Here are Some Interesting Finds…

  • Chromebook 
  • If you love Microsoft Office products, a Chromebook is probably not for you. Google encourages you to use its own free online suite of Office-like services. Many of these services are comparable to components of Microsoft Office, but they do lack features that you may have come to rely on. (turbofuture.com)
  • Chromebooks typically only have 32GB of local storage.
  • Very few things in life these days are as scary as getting a virus on your computer. Rest assured however, that it is nearly impossible for a Chromebook to be infected by an actual virus. Chrome OS is one of the most secure (if not THE most secure) operating systems on the market. Mar 17, 201
  • MacBook Air 
  • Its a combination of the traditional MacBook and a Chromebook, with the integration of the iCloud, to be shared across all iOS devices
  • Updated new Generation i5 or i7 Intel processors, and Intel graphics 6000 card
  • Microsoft Surface
  • The pocket book is just not deep enough for a Microsoft surface, starting with the requirement of an annual subscription to MS Office Suite. Pay and keep on paying. I’ll pass. In the present day and age, there has to be another option.


For twenty-two years, photography, graphic design and web design, drove me to owning MacBook Pro, after MacBook Pro. And although, I have never, ever, had an issue with any of them, until 2017, when my Pro, contracted a virus. More than likely caused by my own doing for streaming live videos and football games off European hosts. I took it the Pro to the “Genius Bar” at the local shop. And they treated me like I had just bought a brand new computer. The Apple store’s focus is 100% customer-satisfaction. And for that, I should continue to invest my funding in the Mac Empire. Except this time around, it won’t be the “Pro Edition”, it will more than likely be a MacBook Air! 

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