Its True… I Complained and Diamond Parking Reduced, the Parking Ticket

Hi Diamond Parking,
In all honesty, I would have paid for parking had I known the parking lot required payment for parking. And had I seen any signage indicating that the parking lot required payment for being in that specific lot.
My wife and I, rarely go into the Garneau area of Edmonton due to the parking shortages and because I drive a large company pickup truck. Of course, we have no issues out near the Town of Stony Plain, because parking is free.
So, last Friday Night, January 19, after work, I decided to SURPRISE my wife with a trip into the City for dinner. I decided on a whim to go to the High Level Diner because my wife is a Celiac, and the Diner serves up some pretty amazing Gluten-free foods, without all the up-charges like so many other establishments, just because its Gluten-free ingredients.
You may or may not understand what I am saying, so, my wife, was diagnosed about 4-years ago as a Celiac. This means she is allergic to foods which most people are not allergic to. These include Wheat, Barley, Rye, Molasses, Triciticale and Lactose! It’s not fun, being a Celiac. Of course the worse thing about having Celiac’s disease is ALL of the Gluten-free ingredients and foods have increased price factors.
Such as a regular loaf of bread is $2.75 and Gluten-free bread is $6.75 or 
a 400g box of cereal is $3.75 and a Gluten-free cereal is $9.90! Honestly, we over pay everywhere we go, restaurants, grocery stores, airports, hotels… anywhere someone serves food, we get up-charged! It’s monstrous!
The best thing about High Level Diner, is they serve tremendous Gluten-free foods at fair prices and they don’t up-charge for including and using Gluten-free ingredients. (one of the many reasons we love this spot!) And since we hadn’t been there in nearly a year, I decided on a whim, that we should go there for dinner last Friday night.
Upon arriving in the area, we both noticed an extremely limited parking arrangement, which reminded us, why we don’t come to the City too often to have dinners. As the parking spaces were jam packed.
While we were circling the neighbourhood we spotted a space across the street from the diner, And I recalled being able to park in the parking lot across the street, as long as, you wrote your license plate on their check-in sheet near the front door.
When we were getting out of the truck, we were more concerned with not hitting the Range Rover on my right side when parking the truck. And when we got out, we didn’t see any signs requesting payment be made.
Obviously, at this time, I didn’t recall that the “free parking assignment” was only for the back portion of this parking lot. And hence, I received a “fail to pay” parking ticket when I came back to the truck after dinner.
As I stood in the parking lot, this is when I noticed the small yellow parking ticket box, which I wouldn’t have seen due to the other cars between my spot and the yellow box.
What I cannot understand though, is your parking rates are $3 or $6. And your fine is $52.50? This seems awfully extreme, for not seeing the parking ticket box.
IF, I were a repeat offender, I would understand such an extreme amount from the rate to the fine, however, I most certainly am not.
I would like to ask a couple of things.
  1. Indicate in each parking space, that payment is required and an arrow on your signage to inform a person where to make payment
  2. A reduction in the parking fine, which is fair to both of us. As a first time parking offender, I truly thought I was in the right area for parking and dinning at the High Level Dinner
    1. Perhaps $20
If you can find it in your kindness to adjust the fine, we would be extremely grateful. I’ve attached our dining receipt as proof that we were at the High Level Diner.
The day after I sent the above email to Diamond Parking, I received an email from a customer service rep named Janet. Janet said she had reduced our parking fine to $20 and to pay the ticket promptly to avoid paying late fees.
Lessons Learned
  1. When looking to park in the Garneau district of Edmonton, always look for a parking meter or parking ticket dispenser
  2. Being honest about your circumstances in any given situation, will find you understanding and kindness from the recipient