if your mother was a monkey what would you be?

Yep that’s right, I totally wrote this random sentence “if your mother was a monkey what would you be?” into Google Search to see what it came up with? And these are the first three sites which popped up. I should have read further than the intros but this is some really strange entries. And why would “google” think to pull up this kind of information?

It’s interesting how the “mind” if you will, of Google operates, thinks, determines, all of these items from the punctuation in a sentence. I am sure what Google is really looking at are the following: Mother, Monkey And I am fairly certain it ignored the rest of the vocabulary: if, your, was, a, what, would, you, be?

I suppose in a way, Google Search did answer my inquiry. However, is it relevant to the search itself? Or I suppose what was my intention of this random search? Neither of these questions can be answered at this time.

Thus, I believe, we should try another random sentence, this time without the adjectives and just go straight for the verbs. Something like: Distress, Motorcycle, Serial Killer that last reference is because I recently started listening to a podcast called Small Town Horror. Not sure If I really like it or not? As I am only on Season 1, Episode 03, Broken Silence.

—————– if your mother was a monkey what would you be?

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May 31, 2013 – If you kill me, your mother will die and if you do not kill me, your father will die.” … He was afraid that if he made either choice, then his mother or father would think that he favored one of them. … It is true that no matter what the boy chooses, both his parents will ultimately die as will the boy and the monkey.

Lesson to Monkey Mothers: Don’t Ignore Tantrums | Science | AAAS

Mar 11, 2009 – The crowd could start attacking you and your child. It turns out that’s just what happens in one rhesus macaque society. When a mom doesn’t give in to her baby’s demands, it risks being smacked and bitten by its fellow monkeys. Rhesus monkey babies cry when they want to nurse. If a mother ignores her …

The Grease Monkey – Page 163 – Google Books Result

Ethel McMilin – 2010 – ‎Fiction

What do you think, Mamma, can we have a guest for dinner?” Jonathon asked. “I don’t see why not. If you were to find your mother, would you want to go back and live with her,” Jonathon asked the question cautiously. He would hate to lose these two girls. Legally, they couldn’t take them but if the girls insisted… “No, I want …

———— Distress, Motorcycle, Serial Killer

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Missing: serialkiller

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Nov 6, 2016 – Todd Kohlhepp confessed to several cold-case murders after a missing woman was found chained up but alive. His gruesome past included rape, … The Superbike Killings, as the cold case became known, claimed the lives of four employees in a Spartanburg motorcycle shop. Two were shot and killed in …

And that concludes my random “Google Search” for today. As I think I have nailed it on the nose, that Google Search is still just reaching for straws when it goes on the internet to search for whatever the thing is that you are looking for. Of course, my things that I was looking for were just random idiosyncrasies in the search of today.
I pose this question to you, the people of the internet. How do you feel Google Search did, in its looking up of these random things? You should try it? Tell us what you randomly tried to locate? And if you were successful or not?
~ James Curits