You Make Choices and You Don’t Look Back

It’s a simple mantra, “you make choices and you don’t look back”. One that anyone of you, including myself could follow. I sit pondering the pointless abyss in front of me. It is the space between where I am and where I think I ought to be going. Its the road less travelled. About ten years ago, I was on this road. The one less travelled and it took me to the Korean peninsula to teach English. While abroad choices were made which ultimately changed our vocations and the road we had chosen.

Today, I ponder the road ahead and where it will lead?

Presently the career road is filled with stressful situations, making decisions for those who cannot make a decision for themselves, and being asked to work to unrealistic expectations by a company which at times appears to be beating the odds of recession. But who really knows? Its all locked up behind closed doors. A place I am not privy too.

Sitting here tonight, I wonder what the future holds? We have been patiently awaiting the root of all evil to be paid off, college student loans and over charged credit-cards. We have made our own headway on those pesky retirement funds which are stowed away tucked beneath sheets of paper in a mutual fund stock exchange.

Diligently we try to present ourselves as forward thinkers, seeking ways to expand our careers, and dispel this rationale that leads us to a home in a city. A stationary position. And leads us into the mainstream, buy everything, be like the joneses and abandon “living a life” for some moniker posed in some life lesson, that the conformist understood all those years ago, while I was still rebelling.

Heck, I feel like, the rebelling is still at large. I find myself not thinking about how to conform, but how-to disassociate myself from this large mass of people and not become filthy rich with money. Just be filled with experiences of life.

My goal is to set sail in a couple of years, for unchartered destinations and improve my life of exploration and disbandment, in which I will return to the mantra,  “you make choices and you don’t look back”. 

~ James Curtis


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