Have You Turned Off Your Social Media?

Have you tried to turn off social media? And in the process have you become MORE social? This is my social experiment. Its a complete oxymoron in the present day and age, that people are unable to, or unwilling to, disconnect themselves from “social media”. A lot of people will have zero idea what this actually means, or entails to, because everything around them is now computerized.

Their cars, computers, tablets, smartphones, home monitors, DVD, security cameras, chrome cast, routers, personal cameras, and more, are all connected via the internet, LTE and other IP bands. To prove my theory on this evolution of internet, I told my wife the other day, that I was going to switch off the router in our home as the internet was moving extremely slow. Literally, I unplugged the modem. And I left it this way for more than 2-hours.

Do you know what we did for 2-hours without internet?

We put down our smartphones, our laptops and enjoyed a nice social evening, talking about life in-general, discussing our upcoming holiday trip to Mexico and all the minutiae which straddles our lives each evening when we are in our condo.

This debuted about 6-months ago, when I decided to log out of Facebook and have not turned it back on. Sure, it means not conversing with friends via IM Facebook or the relentless jibber-jabber coming from the algorithms which track my every move and tell me what I should or should not be seeing on my “news feed”.

How is this being “social”?

I am literally being barraged with advertisements through the Facebook algorithms. IF I could sue Facebook for a bit of cash, for harassing me, for using their platform, I might try that. However, what good does that do? When all I really needed to do was disconnect from Facebook. Literally log-out. And I removed Facebook from my smartphone.

How smart was that?

Literally I didn’t have to pursue a lawsuit, or waste millions of hours in courts or millions of dollars spent on lawyers, I simply found an easy solution and followed through with it. And you can too!

You know what happened, after I was off the Facebook thing for a couple of months? I logged out of other social media apps. I turned off Twitter. I turned off Pinterest. I logged out of Instagram, which was the most difficult one for me, as I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY.

And you know what I noticed by stopping the photography on Instagram. I noticed an increase in my time to do other things which I had been setting aside because I was constantly engaged by the social media interactions. I learned that I could spend more time at the gym working out. I found that I could pickup a book and read longer without thinking about what someone else was doing out there in the world. I started attending local art workshops, and events. I started writing in my journal and planning for our upcoming vacation. I spent more time conversing with my wife about those trivial things. And my eyes, have been feeling 100% better with the lower screen time.

I have literally become MORE productive!! And my time does not seem to slip away as quickly, as it did when I was constantly on a device. Also, I sure am glad, that I found this WONDERFUL button on my device, called the POWER, to log out, and connect with the things which matter most in my life.

I dare you to aim for freedom from social media and log-out of those distracting “social media” websites, apps, podcasts and other power consuming devices. I date you to find those things that you used to love doing. I dare you to challenge yourself to cut back from the social interactions of social media. And I dare you, to meet people in person, to touch those people with your presence and find out what life was like before electricity.