Marching into Mexico in March

On Monday February 26, the countdown to March begins not only as we will be departing the second month of twenty-eighteen, but the wife and I, will begin our actually planning and preparations for Mexico in March.

The countdown of 7-days will begin…

Marching into Mexico has a nice “ring” to it, wouldn’t you say?

I’ve had the Moon Travel Guide: Oaxaca by Justin Henderson for a little over three weeks. I have read about 21-pages starting on page 107 entitled “Pacific Resorts and Southern Sierra”. You can always tell when I have had my hands on a travel guide book, as there will be highlighter markings inside the book, as well as notes in the margins and distance markers on the maps. I like to be thoroughly prepared once I depart my hometown. Some would say this is overly prepared. However I beg to differ, as its the only source which has relevant information for the area we intended to go into.

Bahias de Huatulco and its vicinity is comprised of a handful of towns, the largest one being La Crucecita, a bunch of bays which are only accessible by boat and, 100,000 acres of hinterland forest for hiking. The town of La Crucecita has a population of 10,000 people. And was literally formed by local people to attend to travellers and expats in the area. There are several smaller towns heading east or west, which dot the Pacific Ocean with Puerto Angel having the next largest population around 5,500 persons.

I like to do a bit of research into locations which I have never been to. Because for me, my preparations begin on the mental level, of what should I or should I not bring to sunny Mexico? What are the activities which I am more than likely going to get into? And what types of gear will I actually use, while on holidays for 2-weeks?

My pre-7-day count down thoughts are always BIGGER than they actually need to be, such as: 7-days of clothing needs, snorkel, fins, mask, swim suit, water socks, and hiking gear: water pouch, matches, mosquito repellent, head lamp, knife, handkerchief, surveying tape, lamp, toiletries, parachute cord, rope, medical kit, whistle and granola bars. Hiking boots, sandals, nice shirt (for those fancy dinners), sunglasses, ball cap, medication, vitamins, bathroom supplies, sleeping clothes, shorts, socks, underwear, daytime clothes, evening clothes, clubbing clothes, bar clothes, beach clothes, hiking clothes, rain clothes, golfing clothes, clothes for deep sea fishing and other accessories.

Last year, we went to Varadero, Cuba to an all-inclusive resort (a first for myself) and I brought mainly stuff for the beach. Although on that trip we were only away for 8-days. The “actual list” of items which I will be bringing to sunny Mexico, will more than likely be much shorter than what is listed above. I tend to pack a day or two ahead of the flight. And finalize my needs the night before.

Here’s a short list of possible items coming with

  • a pair of board shorts
  • a rash guard surf shirt
  • a pair of sunglasses
  • a pair of golf shorts
  • a couple of shirts
  • a pair of sandals
  • a pair of headphones
  • a couple pairs of boxers
  • a book to read during flights

Most people like to bring more than what they need and I love to pack as a minimalist. After all if I really need to purchase something while on holiday, than I will just spend the money to purchase that “thing” or “piece of clothing” rather than try to pre-estimate all the possible, “maybes” which might occur and overpack a suitcase full of things which I never get around to using.

And as February wanes to a closing halt, my research in the Moon travel guide will increase and soon I will be standing in line at the airport, passport and boarding pass in hand, breathing in the good air of vacation, while everyone else is looking forward to their next day at work.