Somewhere Over Mexico

Thinking backwards now, that red-eye flight to Toronto seems like yesterday when in fact it was earlier this morning. We’ve been traveling since 9:09pm when we departed home headed to Edmonton International Airport.

Our first flight on Tuesday at 12:05am to Toronto some 5 hours away. Three by flight and two by time zone. Landing in Toronto we leapt from the plane and casually strolled about Terminal 3, climbing three staircases at 5:43am to get the heart pumping while each of us carried our own 20-pound carry on suitcase and a shoulder bag.

After reaching corridor B, we looked for a map to locate the money exchange ICE desk and found the exchange before the facility map.

We purchased 2,800 Peso the equivalent of $208.15 Canadian dollars. Splitting it two ways we each held onto our first set of Peso. Luckily in my stack is a centennial (1917 – 2017) commemorative 100-years Mexican Peso. This of course will not be spent and will come home to add into my banknote collection.

After our money grab we headed for a breakfast sandwich about 6:15am and located Smashburger. Fittingly they served breakfast sandwiches which I now regret eating as it’s not sitting as well as it tasted. They do have some really great graphics on their to go bags.

Nine minutes after boarding began we stepped onto flight number two at 6:57am with a five-hour flight time to Huatulco International Airport. Our destination for the next two weeks.

Into our seats we dove slapping down the window shades and passing out. Somewhere over Mexico, we awoke tired, thirsty and hungry.