What Happns when you Land at Huatulco International Airport ?

Seven hours and fifty-six minutes later, I’m still wondering how we actually made it thru Huatulco International Airport in less than fifteen minutes ?

What I mean by this is the Westjet flight we were on, landed on the tarmac about 11:16am roughly twenty-three minutes ahead of schedule. The flight attendant announced on the intercom that the arrival crew was wheeling out two sets of stairs to disembark the plane. And once down on the tarmac we had to hike across the asphalt in 32-degree Celsius heat.

Dragging ourselves into the customs line we were fifth in line except each of us needed to use the bathroom pretty badly. We opted to stand aside as the line grew in order to relieve ourselves.

Stepping up to the customs counter “hola,” we said in unison handing over our passports. The officer scanned our customs form flipped open the passport and THUMP THUMP THUMP his stamp went down the document and into our passport handing our documents back with a warm smile and a hearty “welcome to Mexico.”

Wheeling our luggage into baggage claim then our luggage was stopped for a sniff by the local police pooch and away we went. Zig zagging thru the customs line. Where we were asked to push a red button. It flashed green and the customs agent said, “welcome to Mexico! Enjoy your time here.”

As we approached the exit door we were stopped for what seemed like the twelfth time, by the fruit and product inspector. Who asked, “do you have any fruit, citrus, vegetables, gifts or cash in excess if $10,000 US Dollars?”

My wife quick with a response, opened up her day bag and pulled out her newly purchased Good Made granola bites. “Does this qualify?”

No, thank you. You may proceed,” and she waved her hand towards the doubled wide exit doors to her left. As we exited the international arrival area, both of us smiled crossing thru the actual threshold into Mexico!

Upon the doors closing behind us a gentleman approached asking if we required a shuttle to our hotel? No thank you was the response. Then he asked us about where we were staying? With friends we said. He shrugged and said enjoy your time here.

As we approached the taxi-que, drivers standing everywhere with signs stating the mist obvious statement of all;

TAXI to Huatulco

We smiled, “No, gracias,” we said in unison as we pressed through the drivers as a horn beeped twice from the vehicle another ten feet behind them. “Is it Tony?” said I. “It sure is!” my wife replied.

Welcome to Mexico,” he said reaching for a hug from my wife and I obliged with one too. He then opened the itsy bitsy tiny trunk and we tossed in our two carry-on bags. “This is it?” he asked. “You bet,” we replied again in unison.