Dinner and a Stroll Through the Streets of La Crucecita

Let’s get straight to the point, our condo mates asked us to join them for a nice dinner in the town of La Crucecita instead of cooking dinner in the condo. Everyone showered and dressed for an evening out on the town.

After rising this morning Nancy hopped onto a local Facebook page called What’s Up Huatulco and asked the assorted crowd of followers “if anyone knew of and would recommend a restaurant in town for a Celiac to eat at?”

There was a very large and quick response from a number of people. Nancy jotted them down into her iPad and informed us after lunch. One of her favorite local Italian restaurants’ served gluten-free pasta.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, Tony asked for a table for four and learned that reservations are required. And off we went down the street to Madre’s. Again Tony ducked into the establishment to inquire about a dinner table and again he was turned down!

Nancy and Tony began discussing alternative options finally settling on Alfredo’s. For the third time he stepped in and inquired about the dining situation. The waiter smiled happily and shoved two, two top tables together and welcomed us all.

Menus, and group discussions ensued all based around our token Celiac and what she “might” be able to order? The waiter was asked if anything was gluten-free? “No”, was his reply. Instantly a man appeared in a black polo and white shorts, as Tony asked him about the options? He rattled off several choices all of which included maize (corn) tortillas.

Next thing we knew Tony says, “Alfredo, these are our friends from Edmonton,” as we shook hands being introduced to the owner at our table. Now that’s customer service!

The conversation was followed by drinks, then sizzling fajitas, tacos, wine, a 5-person busking act, and finally by the world’s worst acoustic guitar player. Albeit if the guy unplugged his guitar and mic, from the speaker arrangement, and took to the outstanding small intimate environment than, maybe, just maybe it would have sounded better. Or he could simply hire someone else to work on the audio board and assist him with leveling out his treble and midtones before strumming his guitar.

The horrific onslaught of music literally forced us to finish the last of what was a very enjoyable dinner in a hurry and scamper out into the night.

Due to our departure the leader of the pack decided we should take a stroll around the corner, past a park, into the streets and observe the local night life.

As we trampled about the streets, I took advantage of this opportunity to take a handful of nighttime photographs and document our walk through the streets of this small Mexican town.

(c)2018 Photography by Aaron JacksonCrabb