The Return to Civilization

Yesterday, I felt like a bus had run me over then caught my pant leg by the cuff and drug me across a couple of speedbumps as the jetlag exponged itself on my being.

The reason for this was our planes’ departure was delayed due to inclement weather on the plane coming down to Huatulco.

To pass the time my wife scoured the duty free shops while wearing a large blue sombrero which attracted all kinds of attention and additional conversations.

One of the items she wanted to bring back was a bottle of smooth tequilla. As she discussed the differences between blanco (white or young), reposado (rested), and anjeo (aged) with an attendant serving samples of mezcal. They were unable to come to a conclusion simply based on the information provided on the bottles. As well as my own information and knowledge about tequilla.

Without a decision made I suggested, “how about you go over to the bar and order a couple of shots? That way you’ll be able to smell, taste and tell which one you actually like.” “That’s a fine idea, lets go!”

Standing at the bar we discussed with the bartender the tequillas which he had. The twelve bottles were narrowed down to two; Herradura Reposado (based on the discussion with the mezcal attendant) and
Don Julio Reposado (based on the nice guy we met at the bar who was born in Mexico and now lives in Texas).

As the shots were poured and the bottles removed it became clear that both shots were very similar in colour and smell. So much so that we asked the bartender to place the bottles next to the shots for a photo to remind us later what the bottles looked like.

She grabbed the Herradura shot and without hesitation picked it up, tilted her neck and down it went. No salt. No lime. “Hmmm… that was tasty,” she says as her face grimaced. Laughing at her straight shot instead of a sip, I picked up the glass and said, “when it is a fine tequilla, your face will not grimace in the after taste.”

“Ok. Then. Lets see this Don Julio.”

Again she lifted the shot and poured it back, her face relaxed, a smooth smile drifted across her lips, no grimace this time. Turning to the man at the bar, “Wow! That is sooo smooth. You were right. Don Julio is the best!” The guy smiled, laughed and replied, “Told yea, its my favorite.”

She paid her tab, went back to duty-free and bought a bottle of Don Julio Reposado, 2-bottles of vanilla, 2-bottles of vanilla bean, a bag of garlic peanuts, an amaranth treat, and a pouch of cocoa.

Eventually the plane arrived shortly after 6:20pm. And we took off just before 7pm. Two movies (Murder on the Orient Express and Chips) and a couple of episodes of Two and a half men, my eyes just couldn’t stay open and I fell asleep around 12:37am.

The plane landed with a shudder, the air speed coming to a running stop as the whole plane shook and the co-pilot came on over the speakers telling us that we had arrived and the time being 1:22am.

At the gate everyone peeled open their eyeballs, picked up their carry-ons, and began the sluggish saunter up the ramp, into the customs line-up. Twenty something minutes later we were through the stamping section and off to grab my checked baggage as it had the bottles of mezcal and other Mexican treats inside.

We chatted with the Park n’ Fly driver about the weather, and how much snow might be surrounding the car. She also said she would wait for us to ensure our car started. Thankfully it did on the second try. Glancing at the clock it was 2:02am and we had a 45-minute drive ahead of us.

When we finally reached home. We kicked off our shoes and dropped our luggage as we fell face first into our bed with our clothes on.

Sometime in the early morning we awoke staggered about our condo like twin zombies. The only things on our minds were drink some coffee, eat some food, do our laundry and go get some groceries.

Neither of us wanted to go outside, as the snow was melting in the streets, the barren colors of winter are lingering and the heat of yesterday no longer existed. Both of us yawned, in our fatigue, wondering what had happened and why we were home?

Home felt like a place we were familiar with in a distant memory, however it just didn’t feel like we belonged here today. It may be the sand in our shoes, or the tans on our bodies but we knew that we had to get outside today. And at minimum get a bit of exercise by wandering the grocery stores to stretch our bodies and awaken the tiredness out of our brains.