Always Eat 1800 Calories and Do Not Forget Your Greens

A few months back, we sat down for a consultation with a nutritionist. We met her at her office in the southeast portion of the City. We chatted about our relationship with food, our overall intake, health requirements, and our overall fitness.

From the first conversation we felt comfortable with her, comfortable enough to explain pieces of our history which led us to this moment in time. We wanted to be 100% transparent in order to receive the best information back from her.

Everyone at the table provided their expectations of the meeting and what type of outcomes we are seeking.

The number one thing that came out of the consultation was we both felt she was being genuine and that she had respected who we are and what we are both trying to accomplish.

Her Expectations

  • Recipes must be Celiac friendly
  • No bananas, fish or seafood
  • To ensure consuming correct vitamins and minerals
  • Build a lower body fat percent and fitness muscular body

His Expectations

  • Recipes should be Vegan or Vegetarian
  • No meat; beef, chicken, fish, or pork
  • To ensure consuming correct portion sizes and when to eat meals/snacks
  • Build a toned body by working off up to 40-lbs of fat

Our homework after the first meeting, was to write a one week food journal. The journal identified five times to consume food.

  1. breakfast
  2. morning snack
  3. lunch
  4. afternoon snack
  5. dinner

Each of these sections were followed by questions such as these;

  • What time you are eating?
  • How hungry are you at this time?
  • What are you eating?
  • Quantity of food?
  • How satisfied were you with this meal?

Upon our second meeting we were there to discuss our food journals. The journals had been completed and emailed over for her to review prior to our arrival and she drafted a food schedule for each of us to follow. Along with this info she went over our BMI Reports to explain what she will be looking for over the next 6-months to show improvements and which figures she anticipates will change and why.

As I stood there listening to her talk with my wife and eventually about myself, all I kept thinking was, “are you kidding me! Eat 1800 calories a day as a sedentary person? And eat more, the more active I am!” followed by a realization of, “I have literally been under fed my entire life!” and, “by eating less food my body thinks I am starving myself and its been storing fat to ensure I don’t starve.” That is when I must have exhaled pretty loudly because the nutrtionist stopped talking and both women glared at me with an expression of… “what was that all about?”

Immediatley, I explained my deep sigh and repeated my internal thoughts for both of them. Both seemed to accept my revelation then continued onward with discussing the new food schedules. She followed this info with an assortment of information about myself with similarities and differences to my wifes’, in order for us to continue cooking food together.

The four week homework was to take these new food schedules home and begin working into our diets the necessary serving amounts per food group, as well as commiting ourselves to eating “some meat” (steak for my wife and white fish for myself) from time to time to assist in obtaining certain vitamins and minerals such as iron, B12, Omega 3 & 6, and Lysine.

Ironically, while at work today, a calendar reminder popped up to inform me that we have a meeting scheduled for Thursday evening.

Tomorrow after work marks 28-days since our last meeting. And tomorrow we will meet with the nutritionist to explain how we have faired with the implementation, what our individual short comings have been, a plan for further improvements and what the next steps will be?