An Easter Feast at the Parents House

Come on hurry. We are going to be late!,” she said dragging her towel off her head, “you’re going to make us late again.”

Sorry, I just need to save what I am doing and shutdown the computer. We wont be late, just later than we anticipated our arrival to be. It’ll be okay,” came my response as I dug out a pair of socks while the computer saved the files I had been working on.

The final window closed as she pushed through the door, while Ben Harper sang out, always have to steal my kisses from you, always have to steal my kisses from you… “ooh, I love this song,” she whistled pulling a sweater and jewelry out of the closet.

Clothes on both of us, we crammed into the bathroom, trying to contain the situation and get ready. Body limbs moving in and out of unison. “What are you doing?” she asked, as I rubbed shea butter coconut lotion all over my head followed by Pomade hair gel. The results were my hair standing fiercly on end. “Wow! You are looking snazzy… glad your my date for tonight’s dinner!”

Thanks. I hope everyone is good with my fancy top and shorts,” said I laughing and pulling on my shoes followed by, “Hey, drop me off at Freson Bros. (grocery) when you get petrol… and I will get an Easter card for Mike and Cass.” “Perfect. Let’s go!” her lips parted, pushing the door open, and exiting our condo.

Thirty-six and a half minutes later we pulled our car into the parents driveway. The other guests had already arrived. Grabbing our bags we climbed the porch stairs two at a time to the screen door. Opening the first and pushing in the second, we entered the home as her father met us in stride, “Well, look what the cat drug in,” his smile broadening as he gave his eldest daughter a hug, followed by one for myself. Our jackets off and tucked aside, we proceeded into the kitchen to meet and greet everyone else.

On the counter were several bags of chocolate. Some were malt-balls and others were filled with peanut butter. My hand immediately went for the malt-ball eggs, then a couple peanut butter ones and finally a mug of freshly brewed coffee.

Eighteen minutes after our arrival, along with several pieces of chocolate and a quarter cup of coffee, we were all asked to sit at the dinner table. The meal was promptly served consisting of a large pot of mashed potatoes, a platter of cooked broccoli, a bowl of corn kernels, a tray of cranberry sauce, a plate of sliced pickles, a couple of gravy boats, a large pot of stuffing, and a gigantic 22-lb turkey. We filled our plates, then clinked beverage glasses, toasting one-another on this fine Sunday evening, and the feast laid out before us.

Conversations flowed between bites of food and sips of beverages, from movies we had recently seen, to building a floor support in a travel trailer, to an upcoming dance-recital and a future trip to Regina, Sask., to see other family. The food was delicious, the discussions abundant and our stomachs soon grew full. Shortly, thereafter the plates were cleared and set into the dishwasher or the sink for cleaning crew to arrive.

Sitting at the table, patiently awaiting the final course: dessert. People stood and stretched, some shared photos, others discussed past gatherings then we all sat back down for mixed-berry parfaits and homemade chocolate treats. As the final dish came out of the kitchen, everyone began to sing Happy Birthday, to my wife, who will soon turn forty! Photographs and videos were taken, candles were blown out and the singing subsided. An exchange of Easter, birthday and anniversary cards commenced amongst the plethora of ooh’s, aggh’s, and mmm’s coming from one and all.

With the scraping of spoons into glass parfait dishes, we all knew the feast had come to an end. The dishwasher was promptly started, a handful of dishes were cleaned by hand, everyone spent another hour or two, conversing about life and things at hand. Our vehicles were started just before ten, as everyone gave out hugs, and well wishes for safe travels home until we might see each other again.