Tis’ the Season for Spring

Well its finally arrived: S P R I N G, flower blossoms are starting to pOp Out of there weathered tree limbs, the ground is slowly unthawing and melting the remainder of snow piles and the glorious thunder of motorcycle tailpipes have exploded onto the roadways.

There is a lingering sense amongst us all… as we ponder ” if “ mother nature is truly going to press the change in seasons button?

Today, I drifted after work to the south central section of the City, commonly refered to as Ritchie, to stop in at a shop called Totem Outfitters.

At Totem, you have four options

  1. Rentals
  2. New Merchandise
  3. Trade-ins
  4. Consignment

You can rent kayaks, canoes, tents, hiking and climbing gear or other items. New merchandise includes outdoor gear such as hiking boots, camp gear, water sports and more. Or the trade-in and consignment area which has a plethora of new and used equipment for sports from A to Z.

The reason for my arrival this evening was to see if they would take off my hands a set of Top-flite hybrid golf clubs and a golf bag. The young man at the counter said, “consignment or trade-in?” followed by, “if a trade-in, do you want cash or store credit?”

Trade-in” and “I think I will prefer store credit, and I would like to know the difference in amounts before deciding. Is that okay?”

“Certainly. It’ll be about fifteen minutes while we determine the condition of everything and what the price will be?”

Departing from the trade-in counter, my first stop, is the hiking boot section.

I had recently noticed my favourite pair of Keen low-top hiker boots had an unfortunate demise in the fabric near the end of the tongue. In fact I have worn this pair of hikers in every season and especially like them in the early fall when the weather begins to change as they are water-resistant. I suppose all things are supposed to come to an end after 5-years of use.

I spotted stacks of boxes below the display models labelled with my favourite word “SALE”. Immediately, I saw a pair of Blundstone boots and sat down. I had always wondered what these boots would feel like? As I had seen them on tons of people around here.  Usually, I wear a size 13 or 12, depending on the brand. Today, though the Blundstone 12, felt more like a 14. I put them back and pulled on a size 11. As it turns out once on your feet, the Blundstone is a whole lot lighter and comfier than they look.

Next up, I tried on a pair of Merrell’s, then a pair of Timberlands and then some other brand I had never heard of. Each boot felt good, comfy and had decent hiking treads.

After my session of trying on hikers, I went back to the trade-in counter to learn from the young man, “we can sell these for $150 in our store. So, we can give you $75 store credit or $50 cash.” I stared him dead in the eyes and thought, those Merrell’s are looking even better now. “May I have a moment, to think this through?” I asked. He nodded his approval.

Back around the corner I went, to try on those Merrell’s again.

I grabbed the box, pulled them out, one by one, laced them up, two by two, and stood up. I danced around the room, gliding, and giddy with the comfort of new soft plush hikers beneath my feet. The smile grew on me, and I thought, “Yep, this is the pair. And I won’t have to spend any of my own money. As I had bought the clubs second hand last year for $50, will trade-in for $75, and buy a new pair of shoes for $85. In the end, I will have made $15 in this transaction. I love it!” 



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